Healthcare improvement webinars

Whether you need a crash course in HCAHPS or a deep dive into performance evaluations, Studer Webinars deliver the best and brightest healthcare improvement ideas in convenient online workshops. Our broad range of healthcare topics provide practical training for administrative and clinical healthcare professionals striving to make healthcare better for staff, patients and families.

Topics Include:

  • Leadership and management
  • Engagement of physicians and staff
  • Patient-centered care
  • Safety and quality
  • Performance management and difficult conversations
  • Service excellence

All webinars are complimentary. We invite you to use the webinars for individual professional development or for team training.

Recent and Upcoming Webinars

Release Date: February 2016
Presented By: Kelly Dickey

Organizational alignment is advanced when the right goals are shared across leaders. Once established, how do make your goals translate into results? Accountability expert Kelly Dickey shares how to write goals that reflect the Mission, Vision and Values of your organization, how to cascade those goals through the organization, and tactics for building accountability around measurable goals.

Release Date: March 2016
Presented By: Mark Noon, USAF (ret)

Evaluating performance and managing employee performance are often the most difficult tasks for leaders. Do you have an objective set of criteria to evaluate your team? How do you use that criteria to keep your best employees? How do you address those that don’t meet performance standards or organizational standards? In this webinar, Mark Noon details the characteristics of high, middle and low performers and provides the tools necessary to have effective conversations with employees at each performance level.

Release Date: April 2016
Presented By: Lynne Cunningham, MPA, FACHE

Have you ever put off a tough but necessary conversation at work for far too long? Do you dread talking to direct reports or co-workers about behavioral or performance issues? In this webinar, Lynne Cunningham, MPA, walks through 3 conversation models to master difficult talks with employees, co-workers, and bosses. Using examples and simple exercises, Lynne helps employees build skills to navigate tough conversations with confidence.

Release Date: May 2016
Presented By: Bob Murphy, RN, JD

Employee engagement, especially in healthcare, was once considered a "soft" science that leaders tried to address after the "hard stuff" like volume and reimbursement. Today leaders understand that everything from patient safety to employee satisfaction to positive financial outcomes start with high engagement. Learn three behaviors proven to improve employee engagement.

Release Date: June 2016
Presented By: Jackie Gaines, MS, RN

After years of experience juggling her own busy life as a healthcare CEO, wife, mother and more, Jackie Gaines seeks to help others understand how they are squandering their most precious resource – time. In the webinar, Maximizing Your Leadership Minutes, Jackie offers tips on how you can maximize your minutes by focusing on high payoff activities that decrease the number of “time robbers” compromising effectiveness, job satisfaction and your well-being.

Release Date: August 2016
Presented By: Lynne Mahony, MBA, MFA; Diana Topjian, RN, MSN, D.M., C-ENP

The impact and benefit of safe patient handovers (also called care transitions) have changed due to governmental reform. Learn the patient-centric reasons we should be focusing more on care transitions and take away leading practices for strengthening handovers across the continuum of care.

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