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Whether you need a crash course in HCAHPS or a deep dive into performance evaluations, Studer Webinars deliver the best and brightest healthcare improvement ideas in convenient online workshops. Our broad range of healthcare topics provide practical training for administrative and clinical healthcare professionals striving to make healthcare better for staff, patients and families.

All webinars are complimentary. We invite you to use the webinars for individual professional development or for team training.

Topics Include:

  • Leadership and management
  • Engagement of physicians and staff
  • Patient-centered care
  • Safety and quality
  • Performance management and difficult conversations
  • Service excellence

Recent and Upcoming Webinars

Disruptive Employees and Low Performers: How to Lead Them Up or Out


Lynne Mahony, MBA, MFA

Release Date: July 2017

Join Lynne Mahony, Studer Group Coach Leader and Huron Managing Director, for a deep dive into how small changes in how you hold difficult conversations with disruptive employees can move you more efficiently to the desired outcome – improved performance or transition out of the organization.Studer Group has designated this activity for 1.0 CE credit.

High Reliability in Healthcare: Creating the Culture and Mindset for Patient Safety

By Craig Deao, MHA Senior Leader, Author and National Speaker, Studer Group, Managing Director, Huron
Dave Marshall, BA, Managing Director, Huron Founder, Safer Healthcare, Co-Founder, MyRounding

Release Date: June 2017

Achieving zero patient harm – the ultimate goal of high reliability – is a fundamental imperative for healthcare leaders. While recent research estimates that medical error is the third-leading cause of death in the U.S., high-performing organizations are beginning to demonstrate effective healthcare-specific strategies that are allowing them to overcome the challenges of creating a high-reliability culture. Learn how to build strategy and execution for your high reliability journey.Studer Group has designated this activity for 1.0 CE credit.

Leadership Skills That Get Results


Mark A. Noon, USAF (Ret.)

Release Date: April 2017

Join Mark Noon, Studer Group speaker and coach, for an on-demand webinar that discusses the four elements of great leadership. Learn how to build engagement of your healthcare team, and how to achieve results through strong leadership.Studer Group has designated this activity for 1.0 CE credit.
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