Taking Conversations from Difficult to Doable

Presented by: Lynne Cunningham, MPA

Release Date: April 2016

Length: 30 minutes

Description: Have you ever put off a tough but necessary conversation at work for far too long? Do you dread talking to direct reports or co-workers about behavioral or performance issues? In this webinar, Lynne Cunningham, MPA, walks through 3 conversation models to master difficult talks with employees, co-workers, and bosses. Using examples and simple exercises, Lynne helps employees build skills to navigate tough conversations with confidence.

What are the learning objectives?
  1. Determine when to initiate difficult conversations with colleagues or employees.
  2. Differentiate between the circumstances under which you would utilize a Stub Your Toe conversation, an Impact Message conversation, and a Low Performer conversation.
  3. Execute a Stub Your Toe conversation, Impact Message conversation, and a Low Performer conversation with your leader or a colleague.
Lynne Cunningham, MPA

Presenter:Lynne Cunningham’s 40-year career in healthcare communications, strategic planning and marketing has given her an up-close view of the trials and triumphs of just about every type of healthcare organization. She is an internationally renowned speaker, executive coach and author known especially for her expertise in defining, measuring and evaluating the perception of quality among patients, employees and physicians. Lynne’s latest book, Taking Conversations from Difficult to Doable: 3 Models to Master Tough Conversations, brings together the best communication principles and techniques in an easy-to-read guide for mastering tough conversations.

Who should attend? This webinar is appropriate for leaders and employees at all levels.