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Elevating Traditional Shift Huddles for the HRO Journey

There’s no magic bullet to becoming a high reliability organization, but well-executed shift huddles are a must-have tactic.

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COACHING MINUTE: Engage Patients by Involving Them in Their Care

The concept of patient engagement is easy to understand, and the need for it is clear. In a nutshell, if patients are involved in their care, we can improve clinical outcomes and a plethora of other metrics. How do we engage people who are not at their best? The first step is to ask these simple...

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9 Tips to Make Patient Experience Data More Meaningful

Even under the best of circumstances, clinicians and staff have a difficult time understanding and analyzing CG CAHPS, HCAHPS, OAS CAHPS and other patient experience reports, which can be “data­ rich, information poor.” Jeff Morris, MD, offers 9 simple tips for making this data...

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COACHING MINUTE: Compassion Through Spa Services

Altru Health System in Grand Forks, North Dakota, has created an entire program around healing therapies. Central to the program is the belief that rest and relaxation are an integral part of the healing process. And while the variety of services they provide range from music therapy to pet...

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