Healthcare personnel workplace issues are changing

Confronting Bullying in the Workplace

Bullying in the healthcare workplace is on the rise. Before hiring, ensure your standards of behavior are front and center. For existing employees, follow these tough conversation models to stop toxic behavior.

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The Role of Leadership in Preventing Physician Burnout

As an oncologist I know that that caring for patients with cancer has many rewards and privileges. However, it can also come at a price. Cancer specialists frequently deliver bad news, administer toxic treatments, and care for patients suffering from diseases that they may not be able to cure...

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Individualized Patient Care: A Simple Concept That is Difficult to Get Right

Individualized Patient Care (IPC) is one of the most simple but underutilized tactics when it comes to patient care.

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COACHING MINUTE: Are You a Highly Reliable Leader?

Is there a difference between a “hardwired” and a ”highly reliable” leader? If high reliability means zero defects, then are we highly reliable when we allow ourselves that cushion to complete most (but not all) of our staff rounding (or any other expected behavior)?

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