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Improved Patient Handoffs Require a Comprehensive Approach

Hospital quality and safety leaders no longer view patient handoffs, or handovers, as a simple task to be done well. Instead, these transitions of care are a critical part of an overall patient care strategy that includes the discharge and aftercare process.

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COACHING MINUTE: 3 Questions that Measure Organizational Alignment

Before diving into any new initiative, it is important to ensure your employees and leaders are aligned in their perceptions of what the organization does and doesn’t do well. This means before treating, you should begin with a thorough diagnosis.

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It’s Not Just About Discharge: The Other Transitions of Care

Often, the focus of transitions of care is solely on the discharge process. While it is important to get that step right, there are other transitions our patients face that require diligence to ensure we give our patients what they need.

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COACHING MINUTE: 2 Tips to Drive Organizational Innovation

The healthcare industry is constantly changing, and to respond effectively, organizations must innovate. Debbie Landers, Studer Group's senior leader for innovation, suggests two tips to help leaders struggling to make this important competency stick.

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