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Shifting our Perspectives About Patient Experience

It’s easy to understand why some clinicians dislike the term “patient satisfaction,” but we all agree patients deserve the best possible care.

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COACHING MINUTE: Engaging Leaders in Goal-Setting

As organizations mature in goal setting, they struggle with keeping leaders engaged with writing effective goals. Recently, the Leadership Development Team of Appalachian Regional Healthcare System (ARHS) in Boone, NC, made goal-setting engaging, effective and fun during their quarterly training.

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Patient Feedback vs. Survey Results: Diagnose the Disconnect with Actionable Data

Do your patients say nice things when you round on them, but your CAHPS surveys tell a different story? Learn how gathering actionable data when you round can expose gaps in care that affect your patient experience.

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COACHING MINUTE: 2 Tips to Drive Organizational Innovation

The healthcare industry is constantly changing, and to respond effectively, organizations must innovate. Debbie Landers, Studer Group's senior leader for innovation, suggests two tips to help leaders struggling to make this important competency stick.

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