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The Balance of Goal Setting

When should I pull back on a goal? My results are already at the top – where do I go from here? What if we missed our goal last year? Get answers to some commonly asked questions about how to set challenging yet realistic goals.

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Patient Feedback vs. Survey Results: Diagnose the Disconnect with Actionable Data

Do your patients say nice things when you round on them, but your CAHPS surveys tell a different story? Learn how gathering actionable data when you round can expose gaps in care that affect your patient experience.

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COACHING MINUTE: 3 Tips for Managing Test Results in Medical Practices

Are you feeling overwhelmed yet? Get tips for proactively communicating with patients about test results to create efficiencies in your everyday work.

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COACHING MINUTE: Low-Cost, Effective Reward and Recognition

In the end, sending thank-you notes to team members' homes is an effective, low-cost method for ensuring retention and boosting engagement.

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