Maintaining a Culture of Safety During Transformaiton

As the Hippocratic oath declares, a physician’s first duty is to do no harm; in the business of keeping people healthy, there can be no priority more important than safety. Healthcare leaders cannot afford to sacrifice safety in lieu of other obligations. To preserve and maintain a culture of safety during transformation, healthcare organizations must have in place the right people, processes and technology.

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Augmented Reality The Untapped Potential of Healthcare Supply Chain Learn how to focus on people, processes and technology to modernize and monetize healthcare supply chain.
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Engaging Patients with Culturally Competent Care

Cultural competence in healthcare is at the core of connecting to patients. When care providers acknowledge and respect a patient’s culture, it opens access to safe, quality care for the entire community.

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Employee Engagement Focus Group Delivers Actionable Insights to Drive Improvement

At Mary Greeley Medical Center in Ames, Iowa, CEO Brian Dieter has implemented employee focus groups. The goal: dive deeper into dissatisfiers identified by the employee engagement survey to get actionable insights to drive improvement.

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