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As the industry continues to transform, healthcare leaders and staff are being asked to do more with less, all while evolving their skills for a new reality. How can we help staff communicate effectively with patients and colleagues in a diverse and complex environment? How do we stay resilient and empathetic amid burnout, crisis and constant change? How can we develop people and leaders who are ready for the future of healthcare?

Huron's online learning platform offers convenient, relevant and engaging educational content for employees at all levels, delivered on demand and accessible from anywhere. Our content is designed to take the learner on a journey from core concepts to the application of new skills, providing a foundation to make goals more achievable than ever.

Designed to promote individual, department and organizational priorities, the platform provides the flexibility to personalize learning paths so that employees can get the training and educational credits they need to thrive in their daily work.

Effective, Practical Learning for Today’s Virtual World

Set your teams up for success with agile organizational training and development that can be achieved through self-paced or group learning — on-site or from virtual locations or home offices.

  • Succinct on-demand courses
    • View short yet comprehensive courses designed to increase retention and keep employees engaged.
  • Continuing education (CEs) credits
    • Earn continuing education credits while learning new and practical skills to advance your career.
  • Personalized learning plans
    • Design personalized learning paths by first assessing existing skills, then choosing from a variety of content to meet the specific needs of teams and individuals.
  • Experienced online learning navigator
    • Enhance your organization’s learning experience with the help of an online learning navigator who will help you build learning plans based on your priorities, will guide you with leading practices, and is ready to answer all of your content- and program-related questions.
  • Access to industry experts
    • Bring the experts to you with one-to-one guidance on your toughest industry questions from experienced healthcare leaders and coaches.
  • Mobile friendly
    • Maximize convenience and agility by learning from anywhere on any device.
  • Go-try-it exercises and self-assessment tools
    • Guided application of new skills helps you take the important step from learning to doing.

Featured Specialty Learning Capsules

Front-Line Leadership Development

The future of any organization requires agile, change-ready leaders who empower their teams to achieve results. This curriculum will help emerging front-line leaders develop and master the foundational skills needed to align around a common mission to lead with excellence.

In addition to on-demand content covering topics including accountability, communication, productivity, performance management, employee engagement and more, learners can get real-time guidance on their specific challenges with one-to-one access to our healthcare experts.

Patient Experience

In a patient’s care journey, every encounter matters, and each member of the care team is responsible for creating an excellent patient experience. With this program, front-line staff will gain the skills and techniques needed to ensure an excellent experience for every patient, every time.

The personalized learning program is designed to help nonclinical staff members, including food service, security, registrars and more, understand how they can make a positive contribution to a patient’s overall care experience. Clinical staff can apply the same lessons in patient interactions. Together, teams will learn practical strategies and tactics to create a positive experience.

Empower Front-Line Nurses With Best Practices at the Bedside

Equip your front-line nursing staff and nurse leaders to execute leading clinical practices at the bedside. Our customized learning plans include topics like Bedside Shift ReportsSM, Hourly Rounding®, communication, transition of care, nurse resiliency and more.

With dynamic content taught by experienced health leaders, nurses at all levels will be equipped with leader companion toolkits and will quickly learn vital skills and techniques that enable them to provide the highest level of patient-centered care.

High Reliability Organizations (HRO)

There are specific skills an organization’s employees and executive teams must have to become a high reliability organization (HRO). The “high reliability in healthcare” learning path defines the organizational characteristics of a high reliability organization, provides step-by-step guidance to those leading HRO journeys, and helps caregivers improve communication and teamwork on their journey to zero harm.

With content available for individuals and organizations at any point in their high reliability journey, teams can develop the skills needed to transform into an HRO.

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