About Studer Group

Studer Group works with healthcare organizations in the United States, Canada, Australia, and beyond, to help them achieve and sustain exceptional improvement in clinical outcomes and financial results. A Huron solution, Studer Group partners with organizations to build a sustainable culture that promotes accountability, fosters innovation, and consistently delivers a great patient experience and the best quality outcomes over time. By installing an execution framework called Evidence-Based LeadershipSM (EBL), organizations are able to align goals, actions and processes, and execute quickly. This framework creates the foundation that enables transformation in this era of continuous change.

A passion for making healthcare better

Studer Group and Huron trusted advisors partner with healthcare organizations to create an aligned culture that is accountable to achieving outcomes together. Working side-by-side, we help to establish, accelerate, and hardwire the necessary changes through a sequenced approach. This leads to better transparency, higher accountability, and the ability to target and execute specific, objective results that organizations want to achieve. EBL provides unparalleled leadership and cultural transformation that empowers organizations to respond to new initiatives more quickly and effectively than the rest of the nation. 

Evidence-Based LeadershipSM and the Baldrige Award

It's this commitment to helping organizations accelerate their ability to execute that led to Studer Group receiving the 2010 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. Our evidence demonstrates that the EBL framework—especially the consistency it creates—is a natural fit with the Baldrige criteria. 

The same EBL principles we teach our partners are also hardwired in our own organization. The framework forces us to operate with the efficiency, discipline, and accountability that allowed us to achieve a Baldrige Award level of quality in the first place. It also creates the kind of environment that naturally attracts high performers and allows them to thrive. 

What Our Partners Say

Partnering with Studer Group was the best decision I have made in my 25 years as a healthcare executive. We have drastically improved our patient satisfaction and employee engagement in the first year of implementation of the Studer Group's Evidence-Based Leadership strategies.
- Mike Schafer, CEO, Spooner Health System, Spooner, WI

It all comes back to making healthcare better. Working together, we can create great places for employees to work, physicians to practice medicine and patients to receive care.

Our Mission

To enable organizations to improve fundamental performance, reinvent their business, generate new growth platforms, and lead their people through transformational change.

Our Vision

To empower our clients, our people, and the communities we serve to own their future.

Our Values

Intellectual Curiosity

Our Founder

Learn more about Studer Group Founder, Quint Studer.

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