Onsite Training

Studer Group offers private, customizable programs that bring the curriculum and speakers you need most directly to your organization's training room.

Onsite training equips your team with tools and tactics that get results immediately, while challenging attendees to think bigger about the problems at hand and how to discover sustainable solutions.

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  • Taking You and Your Organization to the Next Level

    In order to stay current and improve performance, it's important to keep leadership training as a top priority. We will customize the curriculum to align with your organization's most critical issues, offer the latest leading practices and share how to implement tools and tactics in the context of our Evidence-Based LeadershipSM framework. This foundation keeps organizations aligned, accountable, and agile so they can execute proven tactics quickly, consistently, and in the right sequence.

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  • Excellence in the Emergency Department: Hardwiring Flow and Patient Experience

    The Emergency Department institute provides the evidence-based tools and tactics proven to improve ED results. Learn how to streamline the path of the patient by improving throughput and flow efficiency to drive both clinical outcomes and physician and employee engagement. This institute can be customized to include demonstrations on "what right looks like" and key components of a patient's ED visit.

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  • The Physician Partnership Institute: A Path to Alignment, Engagement and Integration

    Led by Studer Group physician experts who still practice medicine today, this customized Physician Partnership Institute allows physicians and leaders to gain powerful tools and leading practices that create alignment and consistency. Our physician faculty provide proven methods to increase physician satisfaction, improve patient compliance and gain market share through a collaborative partnership between physicians and leaders. Attendees will see the curriculum brought to life with live role playing of tactics and behaviors and facilitation of step-by-step action planning.

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  • CAHPS Quality of Care Summit

    The CAHPS Quality of Care Institute shares behaviors and tactics proven to improve all CAHPS results and drive clinical quality. Our CAHPS experts will share what they teach and learn from working with organizations across the country and focus on specific areas that matter most to you. Participants will learn the correlation between patient experience and quality and safety results and re-connect to why CAHPS matters - it's about providing the best care to the patient.

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  • Nurse Leader Academy

    The Nurse Leader Academy is an onsite training program in which Studer Group's national conference faculty deliver nursing leadership content tailored to your organization's learning needs. It is designed to help these vital leaders make improvements in employee engagement and patient care. We received numerous requests to bring the highly rated content from our Nurse Leader Bootcamp conference onsite to individual organizations. We are thrilled to announce that we can now deliver this exciting, one-of-a-kind event onsite at your organization.

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  • Establishing Trust Through the AIDET® Communication Framework

    The AIDET® workshop is designed exclusively for those who want to improve quality outcomes and patient experience. Since creating the concept, Studer Group has made AIDET® a common word for healthcare workers across the globe. Learn from the AIDET® experts on the best way to train and sustain or "hardwire" this critical tool for reducing anxiety with patients and their families, while improving operational efficiencies and profitability.

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  • Creating a World Class Customer Service Experience

    The Customer Service workshop is based on Studer Group's partnerships that are proven to create organizational cultures where positive behaviors flourish and exemplary customer support is prioritized. The curriculum includes leading practices for creating an environment where patients are cared for with respect and kindness - and where they will return to receive care. Attendees will understand how and why positive patient experiences are correlated with positive patient outcomes and increased referrals. Workshop facilitators will also explore the fundamentals of service recovery and highlight the three main goals that an organization with effective service recovery can achieve.

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  • Proactive Communication Through Management by Strengths

    The Management by Strengths (MBS) Intensive Workshop develops a practical understanding of the specific temperaments of coworkers, managers and customers. Through training, class discussion, role playing and case studies, participants will learn the fundamental principles of MBS as well as identifying their individual temperament color. Once the foundation has been established, these principles can be applied to personal and professional relationships with immediate effect, leading to enhanced communication, morale, motivation and productivity.

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  • Leadership Strategy and a Continuum of Success

    This one-day interactive workshop is designed exclusively for those who want to create a culture of leadership success. Centered around the three leadership imperatives of communication, delegation, and motivation, the Leadership Strategy Workshop provides leaders with a structure to step into their role and immediately act. The skills provided are essential for all leaders, whether currently in the role or preparing to become a leader.

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  • Align and Engage Your Nursing Team Through Effective Performance Management

    Effective engagement and management of staff is essential for all nurse leaders. This one-day academy is designed to help integrate leading practices for recognition and performance management into daily work. Topics include high, middle/solid, and low performance conversations, and how to effectively set clear expectations and coach in the moment.

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  • Improve Quality and Patient Experience With Focused Nurse Leader Rounding

    This one-day workshop is designed exclusively for nurse leaders who want to improve quality outcomes and patient experience. The focused curriculum includes leading practices for implementation of Nurse Leader Rounding. Attendees will learn how to use data to shape nurse leader behaviors and how to assess the patient's real-time experience of care. The use of rounding logs, aggregated data, and staff performance management will be reviewed. The workshop is a unique blend of educational content and hands-on, skill lab practice.

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  • From Burnout to Breakthrough: Thriving In Healthcare

    The Thriving in Healthcare workshop uses evidence-based tactics and strategies that deepen engagement and joy, fosters cross-disciplinary teamwork and promotes both organizational and individual resilience. Grounded in research, our content experts take attendees on a journey from what burnout really is and how it impacts patient outcomes, explains the importance of personal resilience and self-assessment, and how to keep the flame alive within medical families and ultimately, how to thrive with change.

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  • Select and Retain a Top-tier Nursing Workforce

    This one-day workshop was created to help nurse leaders select and retain top nursing talent during a nursing shortage. Topics include the use of evidence-based interviewing tactics, post-hire employee discussions, and several strategies designed to fully engage and retain nursing personnel. Leading practices for use of employee engagement survey action plans will be reviewed and all attendees will have opportunities to hone and elevate their employee hiring and retention skills.

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Working directly with your organization, our teams collaboratively develop and implement solutions that produce real results. Let us customize an onsite training opportunity to fit your needs.


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