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Canadian healthcare organizations face immense pressure to continually improve the quality of patient care as well as patient experience, while dealing with tough fiscal realities. Huron | Studer Group Canada helps organizations move with urgency to achieve results, positively impacting quality, safety and financial performance. Huron | Studer Group helps organizations achieve these results through various techniques that increase alignment and accountability, improve employee engagement, patient experience, Emergency Department performance, and other priority metrics.

More than healthcare consulting, Huron | Studer Group Canada provides healthcare coaching. Having coached healthcare organizations within Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand, Huron | Studer Group's deep industry knowledge helps organizations achieve and sustain results specific to their key areas of focus. Expert coaches work side-by-side with organization leaders to implement a proven framework that aligns goals, behaviors and processes. Huron | Studer Group's approach is modeled after the concept of evidence-based medicine. This Evidence-Based Leadership SM framework allows organizations to set a solid foundation to create a high-performance organization; one that is aligned and accountable, providing consistent employee and patient experiences that results in a culture which supports sustained improvements over the long term.

Achieve Operational, Clinical & Service Excellence Through

  • Coaching and tools to hardwire processes proven to achieve results
  • Implementation of Evidence-Based LeadershipSM framework
  • Specialized ED strategies and performance practices
  • Provider practice solutions for alignment, engagement and leadership
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Together, Huron | Studer Group Canada help partners create sustainable results by empowering them to lead changes across their organization to drive continued improvement.

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Our trusted advisors have proven healthcare experience to help you meet organizational goals. Better outcomes begin with a conversation.

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Our trusted advisors have proven healthcare experience to help you meet organizational goals. Better outcomes begin with a conversation.


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