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The Single Most Powerful Tactic for Creating Physician Engagement

Posted February 01, 2012

Rounding for outcomes has become the gold standard for engaging our healthcare workforce and creating a "feedback conduit" for those who provide patient care.

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Are you holding leaders accountable for only 1/8 of the HCAHPS pie?

Posted October 05, 2011

As healthcare organizations shift to the new reality of value-based purchasing (VBP), HCAHPS results become more and more critical. Not only are results directly connected to Medicare (and increasingly private payer) reimbursement, they reflect the quality of the care you provide and serve as a barometer that demonstrates your organization's commitment to excellent patient care.

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Benchmarking 2.0: Taking It to the Next Level

Posted September 23, 2011

It's true that value-based purchasing is creating more urgency around improving quality results. But what really drives people is the realization that by adopting and hardwiring a particular best practice they're not just moving numbers up. They're saving lives.

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Minimize Last Minute Requests

Posted September 14, 2011

Handling excessive last-minute requests essentially comes down to planning. Sure, on occasion, a situation will pop up where a last-minute task has to be completed, but by and large, last-minute problems can be avoided when the right amount of planning is done on the front end.

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The Art and Science of Managing Up

Posted August 31, 2011

At Studer Group®, we coach organizations to use "manage up" in a different way. To us, it's a statement by one member of the team that puts another member at an advantage in the eyes of the patient. So who "wins" here? In contrast to the "strictly business" use of the term in which the manager gets the win (and it might just trickle down to the employee), our "manage up" is designed so that everyone involved benefits.

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CMS's Performance Period Has Begun. Are You Ready?

Posted July 13, 2011

July 1, 2011 was a critical milestone for hospitals. It's when the government's value-based purchasing performance period began. How much organizations improved in HCAHPS and Core Measures between July 1 and March 30, 2012 directly impacted reimbursement for fiscal year 2013.

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Enhancing Communication Skills for Physicians: Beyond the Fundamentals of AIDET

By Wolf Schynoll, MD, FACEP

Posted June 22, 2011

In the present-day medical era, patient perception of care has evolved to being dependent on the ability of the provider to match excellent clinical care quality with equally excellent communication quality.

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Ten Questions to Make Excellence Stick

By Bob Murphy, RN, JD

Posted June 15, 2011

Have you ever wondered why it is so hard to make a new behavior or process stick? Whether we are changing our own behavior or that of dozens of employees, hardwiring a new behavior is very difficult. What if there was a diagnostic tool or assessment that could help you diagnose why a process has not been hardwired? Would you use it?

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The Best Four Minutes Spent in Healthcare

Posted June 08, 2011

These days the "performance" bar is really high for healthcare organizations. Health reform is placing heavy demands on us, in terms of both quality and patient perception of care, and those demands are linked to reimbursement.

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Maximize Outcomes in a Transparent World

Posted June 01, 2011

Innovation is great. Imitation is even better—and faster. I urge industry leaders at all levels to join their peers at What's Right in Health Care and maximize your ability to achieve and sustain clinical, service, and operational excellence.

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