Hardwired Results

Hardwired Results, Issue 27, Fall 2018 Post-Acute Care

Posted September 17, 2018

Partnerships across the continuum of care have never been more important. In this edition of Hardwired Results®, healthcare leaders and experts offer insights and best practices for providing quality care, enhancing communication, elevating patient experience and improving profitability of post-acute organizations.

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Hardwired Results, Issue 26, Summer 2018 Excellence in the Emergency Department

Posted June 26, 2018

The emergency department sets the tone for the first patient experience and many EDs around the country are excelling despite challenges such as boarding. In this issue of Hardwired Results, we share some leading practices from healthcare organizations doing things differently in the ED and seeing positive outcomes as a result.

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Hardwired Results, Issue 25, Spring 2018 Responding to Financial Pressures

Posted March 02, 2018

In healthcare, one of the best ways to manage a constantly shifting environment is to put an operating system in place that can respond quickly and efficiently to whatever comes next. Read more in Hardwired Results®, Studer Group's complimentary magazine for healthcare leaders.

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Hardwired Results, Issue 24, Summer 2017 Is Your Organization Highly Reliable?

Posted August 07, 2017

If your organization is in search of a high reliability strategy that really works, Studer Group’s Evidence-Based LeadershipSM model and high reliability offering can help. This issue shares how many of the same tools and tactics you already use to hardwire consistent leadership behaviors in other areas will deliver consistency in organizational high reliability as well.

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Hardwired Results, Issue 23, Spring 2017 Patient Experience 2.0

Posted April 06, 2017

Focused on patient experience, this issue shares leading practices from Studer Group coaches and partners on ways to improve quality, create high reliability, drive results and improve health outcomes.

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Hardwired Results, Issue 22, Fall 2016 Is Engagement Hardwired into Your Organization's DNA?

Posted November 02, 2016

Engagement powers the engine of an organization to run at its best. It also fuels momentum for results. Read how to engage leaders, physicians, employees and leaders.

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Hardwired Results, Issue 21, Summer 2016 Managing Change

Posted July 29, 2016

Gain leading practices on what’s working well to build and sustain high engagement from patients and employees.

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Hardwired Results, Issue 20, Spring 2016 Size Matters How to Scale Results

Posted April 04, 2016

The issue shares ways to quickly and reliably scale high performance in health systems. Learn how to capture gains and increase alignment while keeping culture top of mind.

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Hardwired Results, Issue 19, Fall 2015 Elevating Foundational Tools and Tactics to the Next Level

Posted October 20, 2015

This issue focuses on building leadership skills through enhanced tools and tactics that are proven to create real change. See "what right looks like" and learn why engagement plays such a large role in the success of an organization.

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Hardwired Results, Issue 18, Summer 2015 Navigating Value-Based Payment in Rural Healthcare

Posted June 02, 2015

This issue shares leading practices and insights from leaders at high-performing rural hospitals nationwide. Whether your goal is to improve physician or employee engagement or build better alignment and accountability, we’ve brought you tips and tools that rural leaders like you are using with great success.

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Hardwired Results, Issue 17, Spring 2015 Power Communication Skills for the C-Suite

Posted March 05, 2015

This issue shares the importance of effective communication to align and engage stakeholders, including tips from high-performing organizations.

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Hardwired Results, Issue 16, Fall 2014 Evidence-Based Leadership: The Chassis for High Reliability

Posted October 10, 2014

This issue shares how the Evidence-Based LeadershipSM framework provides an efficient foundation for high reliability, including how to increase safety, improve patient experience and ensure leaders have the right goals.

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Hardwired Results, Issue 15, Spring 2014 The Secret to Not Losing Money on Employed Physicians

Posted August 18, 2014

This issue shines a spotlight on a financial challenge faced by many healthcare organizations today: communicating with your Board of Directors, improving clinical quality and reducing cost, and the financial impact of employing physicians.

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Hardwired Results, Issue 14, Winter 2014 Physician Must Haves®

Posted February 01, 2014

This issue of Hardwired Results® shares results, best practices, and "how-tos" from organizations across the U.S. and Canada. It addresses key focus areas such as physician engagement, reducing no-shows, tips on running a great practice, what CG CAHPS means for your organization and more.

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Hardwired Results, Issue 13, Fall 2013 Connect with Hearts and Minds

Posted October 07, 2013

This issue offers tools, tips, and case studies on how to drive engagement for high performance with employees, physicians, and patients.

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Hardwired Results, Issue 12, Winter 2010 Hardwire Flow in the Emergency Department

Posted January 01, 2010

This issue is dedicated to practical tools, tips, and tactics that improve flow in the Emergency Department while also increasing patient satisfaction, building growth, and delivering strong return on investment in real, green dollars.

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Hardwired Results, Issue 11, Spring 2009 It’s Now or Never: Eliminate Costly Never Events

Posted March 24, 2009

This issue focuses on ways to maximize revenue and reduce costs in a down economy. It includes seven organizational case studies, a feature story on eliminating Never Events, and a self-test: Has Your Organization Maximized Revenue and Cut Avoidable Costs?

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Hardwired Results, Issue 10, Spring 2008 Create Physician Loyalty that Joint Venture Firms Can't Beat

Posted May 01, 2008

This issue is about relationships with medical staff and financial issues. Read how to hire the right physicians and re-recruit them. You'll also learn about building a shared agenda and why rounding and transparency get results.

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Hardwired Results, Issue 9, Winter 2008 Plan and Execute for Outcomes

Posted December 01, 2007

This issue is about what's possible in any organization when we dream big, carry the vision, align the organization, and execute for outcomes.

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Hardwired Results, Special Hospice Edition, 2007-2008 Excellence In End Of Life Care

Posted September 11, 2007

This issue features articles, interviews, and success stories that demonstrate how you can use Studer Group tools in your hospice organization to achieve excellent results.

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Hardwired Results, Issue 8, Spring 2007 Return on Investment

Posted April 01, 2007

This issue features interviews, case studies, and calculations that demonstrate financial return on investment for tools and practices that drive service and operational excellence.

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Hardwired Results, Issue 7, Fall 2006 Improving Outcomes with Evidence-based Tools

Posted November 01, 2006

This issue features articles on how to Improve Clinical Outcomes with Hourly RoundingSM, Drive results with Individualized Patient Care, Getting and Keeping Physicians On Board: Best Practices and many more articles.

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Hardwired Results, Issue 6, Spring 2006 The Baldrige Journey to Performance Excellence

Posted May 01, 2006

This issue features articles by Studer Group's Baldrige experts: Paul Grizzell; Debbie Cardello, RN (formerly COO of 2004 Baldrige winner Robert Wood Johnson Hamilton); and Lucy Crouch, RN. Articles include an in-depth "Baldrige 101" for newcomers; an inside look at the RWJ Hamilton transformation; details on how Studer Group's Nine Principles© provide prescriptive answers to non-prescriptive award criteria; lessons learned from CEOs on the Baldrige journey, and a self-test: Can Baldrige Move Your Organization Faster?

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Hardwired Results, Issue 5, Winter 2006 Excellence in the Emergency Department

Posted February 01, 2006

This issue details strategies and tactics to create and sustain service and operational excellence in the emergency department. Articles include how to cut turnaround time with fast track; boost ED reimbursement; improve patient safety with ED communication tools; exceed patient expectations with ancillary services; reduce patients who leave without treatment; and raise patient satisfaction through discharge phone calls. Also included: an interview with two ED medical directors and a self-test: Is Your ED Hardwired for Excellence?

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Hardwired Results, Issue 4, Fall 2005 Physician Engagement

Posted September 01, 2005

This issue offers tools that demonstrate evidence-based leadership to physicians.

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Hardwired Results, Issue 3, Spring 2005 Break-Through Strategies

Posted April 01, 2005

This issue highlights strategies and tactics used by organizations in Studer Group's national learning lab to get break-through results.

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Hardwired Results, Issue 2, Winter 2005 Engaged Leadership

Posted January 01, 2005

This issue focuses on engaged leadership. Article topics include insights from leaders at high performing health care organizations; How to hardwire outcome-based leadership development institutes; two case study organizations; and a self-test. Each magazine comes with a report on high performing organizations by the Alliance for Health Care Research.

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Hardwired Results , Issue 1, Fall 2004 Employee Loyalty

Posted September 01, 2004

This issue focuses on employee loyalty. Article topics include Rounding for Outcomes, the power of thank you notes, a case study of Delnor Community Hospital, and a leadership self-test.

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