Rounding For Outcomes

Stoplight Report (Completed Sample)

Create stoplight reports based on what you learn during rounding to let staff see that you hear the things they're saying and that action is being taken. This is a completed sample to illust...


Senior Leader Scouting Report

Department leaders use a senior leader scouting report to prepare senior leaders for rounding in their departments. These reports provide important information about what is going on in a given ...


Leader Rounding on Patients - Guidelines

Leader Rounding on Patients Guidelines explains the why and how of rounding on patients. Key actions and key words are also provided to aid in implementation.


Stoplight Report

Use a stoplight to report the status of any issues heard from internal customers during rounding. The format allows departments to see what issues have been resolved, what is pending and the pro...


Leader Rounding on Internal Customer - Guidelines and Key Words

Leader Rounding on Internal Customer Guidelines will help support department to understand why it is important to round on the departments they serve and how to do it effectively. Key acti...


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