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No Meeting Zone: Benefits and Challenges

Posted: April 25, 2017
Published by Debbie Caskey, RN

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The purpose of designating “meeting free zones” on your schedule is not to tackle your everyday to-do list; use that sacred time for meaningful, outcomes-focused conversations and actions.
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Using Shift Huddles to Empower Leaders

Posted: April 13, 2016
Published by Erin Shipley, RN, MSN

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As a coach with Studer Group, I have the honor of traveling all over the country and seeing the incredible work happening in our medical centers and clinics. Wherever I go, the passion and drive that I see in the healthcare community is the same – healthcare leaders want to create the absolute best place for employees to work, physicians to practice medicine, and patients to receive care. With that determination for creating an organization-wide culture of excellence in mind, executives are focusing more and more on ensuring leaders at all levels receive proper training and development.
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Incorporating “Medical Minute” Into Daily Huddles in the Emergency Department

Posted: June 11, 2014
Published by Pamela Steenbergen, MBA

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More and more healthcare organizations are executing daily huddles at the start of each shift as a way to effectively communicate organizational updates, focus on providing quality patient care and to proactively plan for the upcoming shift. Patient schedules, staffing, potential obstacles, goals, results and so on are all topics that can be discussed. Huddles are also an effective way to ensure that problems are quickly solved, announcements can be made about operational changes, and everyone hears a consistent message at the same time. 
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