Are you Ready for a Chief Experience Officer?

  • Publication: Studer Group
  • Release Date: May 4, 2017

Whether you already have a CXO or you are thinking about hiring one, ensuring the CXO is set up for success is a crucial step in your transformation journey. Former CXO and current Innovation and Product Leader at Studer Group, Debbie Landers, shares her experiences and best practice tips to ensure a successful onboarding of a CXO to your leadership team. From recruitment to goal setting to utilization of technology, Debbie shares 10 commitments C-Suite leaders must make before successfully adding a CXO role to the organization.

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About the Author: Debbie Landers is the Innovation and Product Leader at Studer Group. Debbie is passionate about ensuring organizations set CXOs up for success and that CXOs have the tools needed to drive change. She helps CEOs understand the tremendous value a CXO can bring to their organization and how to set them up for success. Hiring right is critical with a CXO, they will need the skill set to align and build trust from the Board of Directors to the front line staff.

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