Healthcare Pulse Podcast

Pulse: a central point of energy, a beat or rhythm. In healthcare, we know that to find the pulse is to confirm life, continuation. We know that there's nothing stronger, more powerful, than feeling the thud of progress.

Welcome to the Healthcare Pulse podcast. This is a show that brings the heart and mind of healthcare together to look beyond the challenges of care delivery to a world of possibilities. Hosted by Rich Bluni with guest appearances by industry experts, we share their knowledge and provide perspective to help you own your future in healthcare, before it disrupts you. Are you part of the pulse of healthcare?

Rich Bluni, RN is a national speaker and best-selling author. Combined with his strong knowledge of healthcare from both the frontline and leadership perspectives, Rich's passion for stories, community, and making a difference in the lives of others acts as a catalyst for this show to drive personal growth and organizational change.

Right now, real life, real talk for everyone in healthcare.

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