Tammy Keeler

Tammy is a managing director in Huron’s healthcare business and a vice president for Huron | Studer Group. She has served more than 300 healthcare organizations, helping executives innovate and strengthen leadership, enhance market presence, promote physician and staff engagement, and ensure patient safety.

About Tammy

Tammy has nearly 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry, including 25 years in leadership roles, consisting of a combined clinical, hospital, medical practice and public health focus. She has been recognized as a trusted adviser to many of the country’s largest health systems, helping executive teams, physicians and boards navigate a rapidly changing industry and position their organizations for growth.

Tammy has worked with more than 300 healthcare organizations to strengthen leadership teams, ensure patient safety, promote employee engagement and improve care outcomes. She has specific expertise in a variety of for-profit, nonprofit, safety net and government settings, including the Department of Defense, the Indian Health Service, Veterans Affairs and federally qualified health centers.

Prior to Huron, Tammy served as a senior first-line manager at Novartis. Previously, she was the district manager at Solvay, an advanced materials and specialty chemicals company.

  • Tammy Keeler

    Tammy Keeler

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