Maria Taylor

Maria Taylor brings over 27 years of healthcare leadership, human resource management and staff development experience to the team. She has an amazing ability to analyze processes and interpersonal relations and their impact on organizational strategic goals. Maria is also an expert in instructional design and creative problem solving. Her passion for service excellence and dedication to process improvement has been instrumental in moving results in employee and physician engagement, as well as patient perception of care. She is skilled at maximizing human potential and connecting people back to purpose in order to improve performance.

Professional Experience

Prior to joining Studer Group, Maria coached Evidence-Based LeadershipSM principles within a large national healthcare system for nine years. She served as a champion and an advisor to the organization to improve overall performance. She has proved instrumental in hardwiring systems of accountability and key tactics, creating tools and education to advance the performance of the organization. Maria used her unique skills to improve quality and safety throughout the organization. She is committed to changing the healthcare environment while providing a better place for employees to work, physicians to practice and the community to receive care.

Signature Engagements

  • Designed an education and training program to introduce the Evidence-Based LeadershipSM (EBL) framework to organizational leaders and over 1600 staff members
  • Created accountability tools for EBL tactics
  • Provided 1:1 education for 100 percent of organization leaders to ensure consistency and compliance throughout the organization
  • Implemented and facilitated annual education events to train and validate competency for all staff
  • Coached and served as system administrator of the organization’s Leader Evaluation Manager® to support the strategic plan and maximize organizational performance
  • Designed a comprehensive facility dashboard to communicate HCAHPS results throughout the organization, utilizing transparency to improve outcomes
  • Provided skills labs, cognitive aids and competency validation on AIDET®, Hourly Rounding®, bedside report and customer recovery over the past five years for about 600 nurses annually to facilitate a change in culture and improve patient perception of care
  • Provided 1:1 nurse leader rounding training and competency validation for 100 percent of organization leaders.
  • Developed a medication communication tool and no pass zone process to promote medication safety and improve responsiveness HCAPHS results; incorporated the tool into Hourly Rounding®, bedside report and nurse leader rounding to accelerate results
  • Created and managed multiple organizational reward and recognition programs to improve staff and physician engagement; employee and physician satisfaction surveys indicated a marked increase in participation and engagement
  • Has been successful in working with large systems in their EDs to move their patient experience above the 75th percentile and is also a key member of the ED coaching team to ensure leaders and staff are well equipped to deliver the highest patient experience
  • Maria Taylor

    Maria Taylor

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