Kelly Dickey

As a coach specialist with over a decade of experience at Studer Group, Kelly Dickey has been instrumental in leveraging the topic of accountability inside of Studer Group and with Studer Group's partners in the U.S., Australia and Canada. While her primary focus is with national and regional systems, Kelly uses her passion to help all organizations deliver on their strategies and fulfill their missions by aligning expectations from executive leadership to the frontline. She has found that organizations are most successful in driving excellence and consistency in performance when they maximize the use of an objective and prioritized scorecard, ensuring each leader understands how they can contribute to the organizations success, and focusing their time on consistently developing the skills of the leadership team.

Professional Experience

Kelly combines her experience in business administration and her passion for healthcare to impact organizations from community hospitals to national and regional health systems.

Prior to joining Studer Group, Kelly utilized her skills in business administration to lead a team of over 30 professionals in the salon and spa Industry. In her role, Kelly recognized the need to listen to the voice of customers and quickly developed mechanisms to harvest feedback from both the staff and the clients. Based on the feedback received, she supported the organization in developing loyalty and retention programs to maximize the impact and improve upon those result to ultimately increase the reach of the brand in the marketplace. Although it wasn’t clear to her then, she now realizes she was instinctively deploying the fundamentals of Evidence-Based Leadershipâ„  in that organization.  When we think about the word “hospitality” – we know the core is foundational to what we coach in hospitals around the country.  Kelly’s experience in this space brings organizations a “fresh eyes” perspective on how to think differently about the work we do in the healthcare industry.

Signature Engagements

  • Sought-after speaker on the topic of accountability and alignment at Studer Group’s national conferences and leadership development sessions around the country
  • Analyzed leadership goals of over 600 organizations and nearly 100,000 leaders from Studer Group partner base
  • Led Studer Group coaching teams and partners to improve utilization of the Leader Evaluation Manager® (LEM) from a S.W.O.T score of 40.2 in 2012 to 75 in 2017
  • Led software accelerator strategy through the facilitation of Studer Group's LEM Advisory Council
  • Trusted advisor to executive leadership for driving accountability, goal development, cascading and alignment, action plan skill development and coaching performance

Education and Certifications

  • Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, University of West Florida

Publications/Speaking Engagements

  • Alignment & Accountability: Key Factors to Achieving Results, Studer Conferences
  • Alignment & Accountability: Introduction to the Leader Evaluation Process, Studer Conferences
  • Alignment & Accountability: Goal Development Workshops, Studer Conferences
  • Alignment & Accountability: Building Effective Roadmaps to Deliver on Your Strategy, Studer Conferences
  • Studer Group Insight 2018: Finding the Balance Between Aggressive Yet Realistic Goals
  • Coaching minute 2018: Engaging Leaders in Goal Setting

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  • Kelly Dickey

    Kelly Dickey

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