Greg Litton

Greg Litton grew up in the Republic of Panama. As the son of a coach, he was expected to excel in athletics, but was only a moderately talented baseball player. Despite his shortcomings, he had a dream...to some day play Major League Baseball.

Greg pursued his dream of playing major league baseball, and in the winter of 1984, the San Francisco Giants drafted him. After five seasons in the minor leagues, his dream became his reality. In 1989, Greg was a rookie and an instrumental part of the Giants team, helping them to the World Series, where he hit a home run in game four. Greg played three more major league seasons with the Seattle Mariners and the Boston Red Sox before retiring in 1995. In 1992, Greg played all nine positions in the Hall of Fame game, and his glove from that game now resides in the Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame.

Despite Greg’s lack of superstar talent, he built his career around teamwork, a spirit of perseverance and a passion to follow his dream. He was blessed to play with some of the great players of his generation, such as Brett Butler, Will Clark, Dave Dravecky, Gary Carter, Ken Griffey and Randy Johnson.

For the past 16 years, Greg has used his story to make a difference with young people, speaking in the public school system, “Just Say No” program, and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Greg’s focus on commitment, teamwork and perseverance make him a highly sought after motivational speaker. Studer Group is proud to have Greg Litton in their cadre of speakers in their Speaker’s Bureau.

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  • Greg Litton

    Greg Litton

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