Bekki Kennedy

Bekki Kennedy is Senior Leader, Marketing & Publishing at Studer Group. During her 14 years with Studer Group, she has led branding and content development while greatly expanding its learning institutes and speakers bureau. She spearheaded the launch of Fire Starter Publishing, which has contributed nearly one million books to the marketplace. She played a key role in developing the Learning Lab, a collection of videos, training tools, articles and other resources and networking opportunities reserved only for Studer Group partners. She was also a crucial part of creating the firm’s initial software offerings.

Bekki plays a vital role in Studer Group’s knowledge management efforts, helping the firm keep a pulse on the industry and monitor what’s working well. She collaborates with coaches and other experts to collect mountains of research and evidence, distill it all down to the "best of the best," and connect it to the high-impact tactics that help organizations thrive in the pay-for-performance era.

In addition, Bekki develops and maintains premium intellectual capital across all mediums. She strives always to simplify complex information and provide relevant, clear, actionable advice. Her materials help healthcare professionals at all levels make sense of and respond to industry changes, reinforcing Studer Group’s coaching efforts and shoring up its role as a trusted advisor to senior leadership.

Bekki is grateful for the opportunity to help Studer Group evolve and grow as it seeks always to advance its mission to create great places for employees to work, physicians to practice medicine, and patients to receive care.

Bekki earned her bachelor’s degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

  • Bekki Kennedy

    Bekki Kennedy

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