Stillwater Medical Center

  • Location: Stillwater, OK
  • Award: Rural Healthcare Organization of the Month
  • Awarded: June 2014

Stillwater Medical Center provides the latest in advanced technology and medical care with the same compassion as a small town hospital.  Our team of over 1200 professionals is committed to exceeding our patients’ expectations every step of the way.  We are honored to be the regional health care center for north central Oklahoma, providing a full, coordinated range of services consistent with community needs, distinguished by our quality, service and patient satisfaction.  Situated approximately halfway between Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Stillwater Medical Center is a 117 bed, not-for-profit hospital with 75 years of service.

Stillwater Medical Center has experienced tremendous growth in its recent history. Our Medical Staff has doubled, and we are now the second largest employer in our community.  We continue to grow our service lines and our physician specialties to ensure our community has the very best access to excellent medical care.

Our Journey with Studer Group
With all the external changes surrounding healthcare, it’s extremely important to never lose focus of what truly matters - taking care of patients.   In 2010, Stillwater Medical Center began working with Studer Group to ensure that we continuously improve the care we provide to our patients.  We have learned from and enjoyed the relationship ever since.  Our initial work started with a group of high performers on our staff that worked with all of our employees to develop our Commitment to Excellence standards. Once developed, the team worked for over a year to educate and gain buy-in on setting the expectation for what outstanding patient care looks like.  Their work was truly inspiring and laid the foundation for our success.  Now led by a culture of Commitment to Excellence, our staff, physicians, and volunteers dedicate themselves to providing better service and outcomes to our patients and this is what drives us to be nothing less than excellent.  Implementing many of the evidence-based tactics, we have built a framework that helps motivate our team to provide exceptional clinical services, enabling us to be a provider and employer of choice in our community.

There have been many milestones our team has achieved on our journey including these listed below:

  • Recognized as Modern Healthcare’s “Best Places to Work” in 2012 and 2013
  • Employee Satisfaction Results of 98% Satisfaction in 2013
  • Significant HCAHPS Improvement – 78th%tile rank in overall hospital rating in 2014 up from 57th%tile in 2010. 
  • Substantial improvement in Value Based Core Measures – 98% compliance in 2014 up from 87% in 2010
  • Recognized as a “Community Value Five-Star Hospital” by Cleverley and Associates

Our employees have embraced the Studer journey of “Good to Great” with enthusiasm, and our patients are reaping the benefits.  We are continually celebrating the positive input that we receive.  “I have always told our staff that what they do makes a difference,“ SMC President/CEO Jerry Moeller stated.  “With the Studer Group’s direction, we have multiplied the positive difference that we can make in our daily interactions, with excellent results!  I am truly excited about our future.”

The honor given to SMC today could so easily go to so many worthy organizations.  This award is an endorsement of the hard work our employees, physicians, volunteers, and board members have accomplished over the past few years on our Good to Great journey.  Working with Studer Group, we have built a culture centered on providing the best care for our patients, the best place for our staff to work, and the best place for our physicians to practice.  Our work and drive to continuously improve is ongoing.  In 2014, we plan to incorporate the use of LEAN tactics into our Evidence-Based Leadership model as well as continue to implement tactics that can be helpful to our patients, staff, and physicians.  Our goal is to remain one of the strong and consistent beacons of hope and healing for the region. 

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