Shands Starke

  • Location: Starke, FL
  • Award: Evidence-Based Leadership Healthcare Organization of the Month
  • Awarded: January 2006

Shands Starke is a 25 bed Critical Access Hospital, has been in Bradford County since 1956 and is one of nine hospitals in Shands HealthCare, a private not-for-profit health system located in North Central Florida.

In 2004 Shands Healthcare, engaged The Studer Group to advance a culture of service and operational excellence, which we believe, will drive our future success.

At Shands Starke our commitment to quality begins with our people. After having the opportunity to attend presentations by Quint Studer and read his book, Hardwiring Excellence, our leaders began to be engaged. Then our Studer Coach, Page Sternung came to visit. She sparked a flame, encouraging and challenging us to be the BEST. The BEST initiative of Shands Healthcare is 'Building Excellent Service Together'.

We prioritized our goals and aligned them by PILLAR and focused on what was important. The re-engagement of our Chief of Staff, combined with an objective leader evaluation tool connected us to purpose. In order to move forward we established service excellence teams comprised of employees. Four teams meet regularly and focus on areas of operational improvement and employee engagement. We trained managers and hardwired rounding and thank you notes to employees as quickly as possible. This made a tremendous impact on the level of communication and engagement of managers and staff. One of our major successes was engaging physician champions. Communication and rewarding and recognizing staff continue to be key to our success.

By implementing Studer Principles and tools, focusing on our goals and the commitment of our leaders and staff led to the following successes:

  • Patient satisfaction survey results as calculated by PRC show the improvements we have made:
    • Inpatient data reveals percentile results of 100% for our inpatient unit
    • Emergency department results improved from 1% in the first report to the 71% in the 3rd quarter
  • Shands Starke exhibits lowest vacancy rate in healthcare system, 5.8%
    • Registered nurse vacancy rate is 4.34%, below national norm
    • 78% participation in the annual employee engagement survey resulted in 80% of the employees saying they were extremely satisfied with Shands Starke as a place to work
    • Employee quarterly forum participation increased from 25% to 76% in December 2005
  • Received the Solucient Top 100 Hospitals Performance Leaders Award for 2004. This study measures the rate of hospital wide performance improvement nationally, based on both management and clinical outcomes over 5 consecutive years.
  • Core Measure results are consistently above national, JCAHO and state norms.
  • National Patient Safety Goals (NPSG) compliance was 98% last quarter
  • Operating in the black with a 1.7% margin for 2005
  • Expanded our rural health clinic, Shands Starke Medical Group, to 9 providers who are dedicated to meet the medical needs of the community
  • Established a hospitalist program
  • Planned expansion of emergency department for 2006
  • Outpatient volumes are 4.8% over last year
  • MRI approved and awaiting site preparation

Our challenge for 2006 is to continue the successes achieved over the last year. Consistency with rounding, thank you notes, key words at key times, discharge phone calls and physician champions are our keys to organizational excellence.

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