Memorial Hospital Miramar

  • Location: Miramar, FL
  • Award: Evidence-Based Leadership Healthcare Organization of the Month
  • Awarded: February 2008

Memorial Hospital Miramar, the fifth hospital of the renown, not-for-profit Memorial Healthcare System, is located in Miramar, Florida and was established on March 17, 2005. We are a 178-bed acute care facility who since opening our doors nearly three years ago, have focused all of our efforts on providing the highest quality care and fulfilling our goal of becoming one of the six safest hospitals in the nation – the other five being our sister facilities within the Memorial Healthcare System. The hospital offers a wide range of medical and surgical services, including an intensive care unit; general and specialized surgery; inpatient and outpatient women and children's services; comprehensive radiology and laboratory services; rehabilitation programs; as well as 24-hour adult and pediatric emergency care. Our Level II Neonatal Intensive Care Unit arrived in July of 2007, followed by the addition of our Women's Diagnostic Center during the Fall of 2007. Shortly thereafter, the Inpatient Pediatric Unit followed suit in December of 2007. We are honored to be the recipient of the February 2008 Fire Starter of the Month Award.


At Memorial Hospital Miramar "The Patient Always Comes First" and this philosophy has been at the foundation of everything thing that we do. By developing a team of expert leaders who already "ate, drank and breathed" the Quint Studer principles and then empowering them to handpick every single employee from a pool of over 21,000, we were able to determine who would become members of the "Miramar Family" and this enabled us to create a culture focused on safety, quality and unprecedented service. We hired 1st for attitude, integrity and motivation. We then focused on compassion, knowledge and ability. Once the people were in place, the education, training, coaching and mentoring began. With the assistance of Quint Studer and his team of experts we were able to take a very special group of people who already possessed what we describe as "a special light in their eyes" and transformed them into the finest group of safety, quality and service professionals in the nation. Memorial Hospital Miramar employees all round with a purpose, utilize key words at key times, participate in patient call backs, understand and embrace Patient and Family Centered Care and utilize AIDET (Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, Explain, Thank) in our interactions with patients, families, physicians and each other. We have been active participants in the Leadership Development Institute and fully understand the investment it will take to sustain our success. We are committed, dedicated and determined to always keep our patients first and recognize what a challenge it will be to keep our foundation strong.


Safety and Quality Pillars

  1. CMS / Core Measures
    1. Acute Myocardial Infarction – 1st Decile x 10 months
    2. Heart Failure – 1st Decile x 9 months
    3. Community Acquired Pneumonia – 1st Decile x 7 months
  2. Medication Errors
    1. Zero significant medication errors since opening in March 2005
    2. Approximately 87% of all medications are reviewed by a pharmacist prior to admin
  3. Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP)
    1. 100% Compliance with bundles
    2. Rate at zero x 12+ months
  4. Central Venous Line Infections (CVL)
    1. 100% Compliance with bundles
    2. Rate < 5%
  5. Implementation of Rapid Response Team (RRT)
    1. Mortality < 0.65%
    2. Codes Outside of the ICU @ < 1/month
  6. Nosocomial Decubitus Ulcers
    1. < 1.2% since opening in March of 2005
    2. Zero Stage III or IV Decubitus Ulcers
  7. Hourly Rounding
    1. Implemented and hardwired since opening in March 2005
  8. Technology
    1. Bar Code Medication Administration (BCMA)
    2. Clinical Documentation – with the exception of physician orders and progress notes
    3. Computerized Physician Order Entry (Adult and Pediatric ED with plans to expand hospital wide)
    4. Patient Tracking
    5. Equipment Tracking
    6. Wireless Technology House-Wide
    7. Computerized Nurse Call System

Service Pillar

  1. Patient Satisfaction Results


People Pillar

  1. Employee Satisfaction
    1. 1st Employee Opinion Survey produced results that exceeded the National norm in every single category (conducted by MSA/Clark Consulting)
    2. Rap Sessions, Administrative/Leader Rounding and High Performer luncheons/dinners with the Administrator all contributed to this unprecedented success
  2. Physician Satisfaction
    1. 1st Medical Staff Perception Survey produced results whereby Memorial Hospital Miramar ranked in the top 4% nationally in every single key indicator (conducted by Professional Research Consultants – PRC)
    2. MHM Results produced the "Five Star Customer Service Award" – created for MHM as the highest scoring facility in the history of the company
  3. Turnover Rate
    1. Turnover Rate for RN's at <1% monthly
    2. Turnover Rate for all positions at <1% monthly
    3. Regular assessment of low/middle/high performers with actions taken as needed
    4. Effective Reward & Recognition Program
    5. Employer of choice in Broward County
  4. Vacancy Rate
    1. Vacancy Rate for RN's at 3.2% monthly
    2. Vacancy Rate for all positions at 2.9% monthly
    3. Include the addition of 40 additional Telemetry, 10 NICU and 12 Pediatric beds
    4. Zero use of agency nurses since opening in March 2005
    5. Currently have a waiting list of people who desire to work at Memorial Hospital Miramar in nearly every nursing area

Growth Pillar



Growth Pillar



Financial Pillar


Community Pillar

  1. Active participation in the following:
    1. Local Chambers' of Commerce
    2. South Florida Hospital and Healthcare Association
    3. Partners in Excellence - Local Schools
    4. Health Fairs


  1. "Best Hospital for Pediatric Emergency Care in Broward", South Florida Parenting, 2006 and 2007
  2. "Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) Certification", 2007
  3. "Boy Scout's of America's 2007 Distinguished Citizen Award" – Aurelio Fernandez, Honoree
  4. "President's Five Star Customer Service Award", Professional Research Consultants, 2007

Affiliated with Award Memorial Healthcare System

  1. "2006 Foster G. McGaw Award" Given by the American Hospital Association. Only Healthcare System in Florida to Ever Receive This Award
  2. "100 Most Wired Hospitals & Health Systems", Hospitals & Health Networks, 2005, 2003 & 2001
  3. "Partnership of the Year", Broward County Public Schools, 2002
  4. "Living the Vision", American Hospital Association, 1998

OUR FUTURE Memorial Hospital Miramar is housed on nearly 124 acres of land (70 of which can be built on), has every modern amenity imaginable and technology so robust that very few hospitals in the nation can boast. The secret to our hospital's success however, is not in its beautiful architecture, advanced technology or state-of-the-art equipment. It is in its people – the staff, the physicians and the leaders who make our hospital "Simply the Best" by always putting the patient first. It is this simple yet critical philosophy that we believe will carry our success well into the future.

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