Marion General Hospital, INC.

  • Location: Marion, IN
  • Award: Rural Healthcare Organization of the Month
  • Awarded: July 2012

Marion General Hospital (MGH) is a rural referral center, sole community hospital and Magnet-accredited hospital located in Grant County Indiana. MGH has served its Healthcare Community for more than 114 years.

In 2006 MGH began its culture-change journey with the Studer Group. We had experienced lower than expected operating margins, our medical staff was unhappy and we were receiving very few compliments from our Healthcare Community, if any. Even though we were providing basically good care, something was missing.

In 2008 we promoted a new vision that is based on communications, working together, caring for one another and compassion for others. We believe this vision embodies the foundational basis of the Studer principles. It is all about relationships.

As our journey continued, we began to change and our Healthcare Community noticed the change. As the President/CEO, I continually receive many compliments about the caring and compassion shown by those at MGH. While the Fire Starter is a very nice award to receive that recognizes our success at MGH, the recognition that I receive every week from our Healthcare Community is the most cherished recognition we can receive.

Many good things continue to happen at MGH. The following are just some of the key highlights:

  • Employee turnover has dropped:
    • Nursing from 11.7% to 3.4%
    • Non-nursing from 14.7% to 7.2%
  • MGH has retained it’s A+ bond rating from S&P since 2002
  • Profits have improved and balance sheet has become even stronger
  • Quality scores have improved
  • Patient satisfaction has improved:
    • Inpatient from 75th to 91st
    • Outpatient from 50th to 77th
    • Emergency from 64th to 85th
  • Medical staff satisfaction has improved significantly and MGH is continuing to become a great place for physicians to practice
  • Physician recruitment has resulted in 19 new physicians in past three years
  • MGH Hospitalist program is fully in place
  • MGH has begun construction of a new outpatient facility, which will improve access to primary care and access to outpatient services
  • MGH now employs all of the primary care practitioners and is improving access to care every day in our Healthcare Community
  • MGH is continuing to take a greater leadership approach in our Healthcare Community
  • Our Healthcare Community is very pleased with the new MGH based on the many compliments received

Our motto is “Do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.” In the healthcare environment we face many challenges and difficult decisions every day; however, we strive to adhere to our motto because we believe it is basically the way we should provide healthcare to those in need.

We are truly committed to continuing on our life-long culture-change journey with the Studer Group as our partner. Beginning our relationship with the Studer Group was one of the best decisions and commitments we ever made. Continuing our relationship, particularly with our current Coach, RaNae Wright, is another one of the best decisions we have made.

Paul L. Usher, FACHE, CPA, FHFMA
Marion General Hospital, Inc.

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