Madigan Army Medical Center

  • Location: Tacoma, WA
  • Award: Healthcare Organization of the Month
  • Awarded: March 2018

Madigan Army Medical Center is a tertiary care, academic medical center with a network of medical facilities located in Washington and California that serves more than 100,000 active duty service members, their families and retirees. Madigan is the U.S. Army’s second largest medical treatment facility with approximately 200 beds for inpatient care and can expand to accommodate more than 300 inpatients during periods of urgent need. The outpatient clinics handle nearly one million visits. The hospital is one of only two designated Level II trauma centers in Army Medicine and one of four in the state of Washington. Madigan provides a wide array of medical services, such as general medical and surgical care, patient-centered adult and pediatric primary care, a 24-hour emergency room, a wide variety of specialty clinics, behavioral health and wellness services. Known for delivering high quality healthcare, Madigan is an unparalleled educational facility and state-of-the-art research platform; it remains a leader in readiness and deployment medicine, as well as an engaged community partner since 1944.

In April 2015, the executive team, department leaders and staff rededicated themselves to living up to the hospital’s motto “care with compassion” by choosing to take the path towards high reliability. At that time, Madigan’s patient satisfaction scores and quality measures hovered at or below the 50th percentile nationally. Today, Madigan is a different place. Madigan has shifted its inpatient satisfaction score from the 32nd percentile to the 58th percentile. HEDIS composite index, a measure for population health, has risen from the 64th percentile to the 78th percentile and NSQIP all case morbidity odds ratio have been below the national average for the past six reporting periods. In addition to these patient care quality indicators, 97.2% of Madigan’s residents passed their national board exam on the first attempt with five of the surgical residents scoring in the top 1% nationally. Madigan was also recognized by the Hospitals and Health Networks “100 Most –Wired Hospital” for the 13th time and recently earned the coveted 2017 Practice Greenhealth Emerald Award for environmentally friendly practices. Most recently, the AMSUS, The Society for Federal Health Professionals, recognized Madigan with the 2017 Advancement toward High Reliability in Healthcare Award for their efforts in improving access in specialty or ancillary care settings.

Colonel Michael Place, Madigan’s commander (CEO), credits this remarkable drive toward becoming an HRO to developing, nurturing and building a culture of trust that is referred to as the “Madigan Mindset.” According to Colonel Dan McKay, Director of Madigan’s Organization and Leader Development, the Madigan Mindset starts with being authentically present with each other as means to developing relationships and building the foundation of trust. But this is just the starting point. With the foundation established, individuals are truly free to engage their best efforts toward a common vision. That vison is to advance Madigan’s reputation as an organization that is recognized for quality, respected by industry, admired for innovation, the preferred employer and trusted by all. To help build relationships, Madigan instituted tools such as: structured leader rounding, common language for greeting others, a revised governance structure, structured leader development and a system of shared accountability between staff and leaders. The result has been an increased level of trust across the organization which has sparked innovation from the front-line workers. “They have the answers” says Colonel Place. “We just need to build the environment where staff feel safe to share the answers with leaders, and our leaders must feel empowered to make decisions and solve problems at the lowest level.” The Madigan Mindset allows Team Madigan to focus on the one thing that truly matters- excellent health outcomes for our patients.

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