Hôpital Montfort

  • Location: Ottawa, Ontario
  • Award: Emergency Department of the Quarter
  • Awarded: January 2016

Since opening its doors in 1953, Hôpital Montfort has been dedicated to providing high-quality, personalised care to its population. This is articulated clearly in its mission and vision: quality cares; improve health, and hospital of choice!

The Emergency Department at Hôpital Montfort has had many successes in the past 12 months that are helping to ensure that its patients are receiving high quality and evidence-based care. All of the new and improved ways of doing things have significantly improved some of our core quality indicators and patient experience scores. These improvements have not only been significant but more importantly, sustained. Some of these include:

  • Markedly improved arrival to triage times
  • Markedly improved positive responses in our patient experience surveys, particularly in the percentage of patients who respond “yes, absolutely” to the question “Would you recommend Hôpital Montfort’s emergency department to your friends and family”
  • Alignment of the cost per visit from the highest to between the 25th and 50th percentile of comparator hospitals across Ontario
  • Significant improvement in staff retention, absenteeism, and overtime rates
  • Significant improvement in the Length of Stay for admitted patients in the ED

These important improvements are a step in the right direction toward meeting the vision of the emergency department staff and leadership: to be recognized as a leader and top performer in emergency care across North America!

“We knew intuitively what we had to do to provide even better care to our patients, but it was thanks to the expert coaching that we received from our Studer Group Coach, Pamela Steenbergen, that allowed us to plan, implement, evaluate and hardwire our initiatives in the correct sequence to achieve and sustain our improvements” reports Carl Balcom, clinical director responsible for the Emergency Department at Montfort.

Over the next six months, the ED teams will be working on improving and maintaining success in the following key areas:

  • Time to Physician Initial Assessment (90th percentile)
  • Patients who leave without being seen (% LWBS)
  • Consultant Response Times

“Montfort’s key to success has been the relentless pursuit of excellence by the Clinical Director, Carl Balcom, the Medical Chief, Dr. Shaun Visser, and the Vice President/Chief Nursing Executive, Lucille Perreault. Lucille gives Carl the tools and resources he needs to drive results; Carl and Dr. Visser lead the teams with talent and skill”, says Montfort’s Studer Group Coach, Pamela Steenbergen.

Another key enabler is the superior team of dedicated and engaged staff led by nurse leader Annie Tremblay. “Without the buy-in and continued support of our front-line professionals, supported by the commitment and dedication of Annie, we would not have realized all of our wins in such a short period” affirms ED director, Carl Balcom.

The Emergency Department team is honoured to receive the “ED of the Quarter” award from Studer Group® as it recognizes all of the improvements made for our patients.

A few members of the highly engaged ED inter professional team at Hôpital Montfort
take a few minutes to celebrate being recognized as ED of the Quarter.

About Hôpital Montfort

  • Hôpital Montfort is a 300-bed Group A university hospital located in Ottawa, Ontario
  • It is the only hospital in Ontario that is fully administered in French
  • Some of the key priorities for Montfort are to provide high-quality care and to be a hospital of choice for patients to receive care and for staff to work.
  • Mission:
    • Hôpital Montfort is a Francophone academic health care institution that provides quality care in both official languages and works with its partners to improve the health of communities.
  • Vision:
    • Montfort strives for excellence and wants to be a hospital of choice for its personalized patient care, its workplace, teaching and research.
  • Awards and Distinctions:
    • Accreditation with exemplary standing from Accreditation Canada
    • Best Practice Spotlight Organisation (BPSO) from the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario

Background to the ED Intensive

  • The ED had made a number of advances in improving wait times and patient satisfaction but the various strategies put into place were never fully hardwired and were not sustained.
  • Department went through a leadership change and it was decided at that time to invest in the Emergency Department Intensive Coaching (EDI Project) to provide the new nurse leader with the support and expertise to turn the department around.

To learn more about how Studer Group Canada Coaching Partnerships help healthcare organizations achieve powerful, sustainable results, visit www.StuderGroup.ca.

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