Fairview Northland Medical Center

  • Location: Princeton, Minnesota
  • Award: Rural Healthcare Organization of the Month
  • Awarded: October 2013

Fairview Northland Medical Center is a full-service, 54-bed, 24-hour medical center located in Princeton, Minnesota. For over 30 years, we have served the area with specialists in everything from heart and cancer care to trauma and surgery. Together with our nearby Fairview Clinics, Fairview Northland Medical Center offers primary and specialty medical services to meet our community's needs. Fairview Northland Medical Center is part of Minneapolis-based Fairview Health Services, a Top 10 health care system in the nation according to Thomson Reuters' benchmark study on quality and efficiency in clinical care. We are a gateway to cutting edge research and innovations in care at our University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview and University of Minnesota Amplatz Children's Hospital.

Fairview Northland Medical Center began partnering with the Studer Group in 2008. Our journey began at a time when our patient satisfaction scores were below the 40th percentile and our financial situation was not where we felt it should be. By implementing Studer's evidence based tactics we have been able to create a culture of engagement and accountability that has allowed us to achieve great results. We measure our employee engagement and since our focus and work with the Studer Group and utilizing these tools our engagement scores are in best in class. Role modeled by all levels of leadership, the Studer Must Haves have been our guide to improve communication, to create accountability at all levels and to create a culture of continuous improvement. This culture has been recognized by many external partners as well via the many commendations and awards we've received for quality and safety, patient satisfaction and experience, and overall value as well as others areas. In 2012 during our annual Joint Commission Survey and during our Department of Health survey the teams that came on site asked if we could focus on how we created the culture we have at Fairview Northland. They were impressed with the level of openness, professionalism and focus on improving care for our patients that every staff member displayed during our surveys. Fairview Northland was also chosen as the Best Hospital Workplace, (small hospital category), by the Minnesota Hospital Association in 2011 and 2013 and was named a Top 100 Workplace in Minnesota by the Star Tribune. Both of these awards are based on the voice of our employees as well as the work we do collectively as a team. Teamwork and engagement from our front line staff is what makes Fairview Northland Medical Center a top choice for care and employment in our communities.

Our success stems not only from implementing the Studer evidence based tactics but from continually improving our processes around these tactics. In 2013, after rolling out AIDET® in 2008, we began work to re-educate and re-focus staff on AIDET in every patient interaction. Beginning in August 2013, Team Development Institutes (TDI's) were scheduled for all leaders, staff and providers. The focus of the TDI was twofold; 1. To provide a vehicle to roll out our newly developed Ambassador Program and 2. To complete an AIDET skills lab that allowed our staff to fine tune their skills and learn from their peers. Feedback from the first 4 sessions has been overwhelmingly positive. Our culture and success is also possible because of the engagement of our providers in these processes. Providers from the Emergency Department have helped us reach high levels of patient satisfaction that led to us winning two Studer awards for Excellence in the Emergency Department. Surgeons have also taken a vested interest in raising our patient satisfaction in ambulatory surgery. The Medical Director of the Surgery department began our process of shadowing providers to help them individually improve their patient satisfaction scores and thus the scores of the department. Today our patient satisfaction scores collectively stand at the 99th percentile where they have remained for the last year. Our Quality outcomes are also being recognized via awards from Premier as a Best Value Hospital, from the Minnesota Hospital Association for our work with Safe Account and Safe from Falls as well as many other local and national organizations. Our employee engagement has been Best in Class at 91% for the past few years and our total turnover has been below the national standard for health care and our voluntary turnover remains below 1%. We are extremely proud of the work we've done in partnership with the Studer Group and are honored to be named the October 2013 Health Care Organization of the Month.

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