Baptist Hospital of Miami

  • Location: Miami, FL
  • Award: Evidence-Based Leadership Healthcare Organization of the Month
  • Awarded: March 2008

Baptist Hospital has served the Greater Miami community for nearly five decades earning a well-established reputation as the area's most preferred hospital. Ranking in the top 10th percentile in the nation for quality and service, the 577-bed hospital is a major medical center, attracting patients from all over South Florida — as well as thousands of people from more than 100 countries throughout the world.

Baptist Hospital shares its 82-acre campus with Baptist Cardiac & Vascular Institute, Baptist Children's Hospital and two medical office buildings. Nearly 35,000 people are hospitalized at Baptist Hospital each year, and its Emergency Center is the second busiest in South Florida, handling more than 74,000 visits a year.

The hospital has received numerous awards and recognition, including being one of only four Florida organizations to receive the prestigious Governor's Sterling Award for total quality management. In 1998, Baptist was recognized as a Magnet hospital for nursing excellence by the American Nurses Credentialing Center, an affiliate of the American Nursing Association. At the time, Baptist was the first hospital in the state to receive the distinguished designation. In 2002 and 2006, Baptist Hospital was re-awarded Magnet status for excellence in nursing. Just this year, Baptist Health made Fortune's "100 Best Companies to Work For" list for the eighth time. And for the 12th year in a row, Baptist Hospital has received the Consumer Choice Award, which recognizes hospitals that healthcare consumers choose for having the highest quality and image in more than 190 cities throughout the U.S.

More than 1,400 physicians are on Baptist Hospital's medical staff, representing virtually every specialty. These doctors conduct groundbreaking research and are featured in some of the nation's most prestigious medical journals. Physicians from around the world come to Baptist Hospital to observe first-hand the most innovative treatment breakthroughs. Under the direction of renowned interventional radiologist, Barry T. Katzen, M.D., the medical team at Baptist Cardiac & Vascular Institute has pioneeredless invasive techniques to treat heart and circulatorydisease, including stent-grafts for aortic aneurysms; carotid stents;closure devices for structural heart disease; and minimally invasive valve surgery. And just last year, doctors at Baptist Children's Hospital received worldwide publicity and recognition for saving the world's youngest gestational-age baby.

In early 2006, Baptist Hospital engaged The Studer Group in its quest to achieve the highest levels of service and operational excellence. With the assistance of Coach Mitch Hagins, Baptist Hospital embarked on a "Good to Great" initiative that began by aligning the hospital's strategic objectives to the five pillars of People, Service, Quality, Finance and Growth.

A large investment was made in leadership development by presenting quarterly educational sessions for managers and supervisors. Next, the hospital initiated service teams, comprised of employees from throughout the hospital, to advance communication, patient satisfaction, measurement, service recovery, reward and recognition, and service standards. Managers and supervisors learned how to identify high-, middle- and low-performing employees and how to have crucial conversations to ensure a more dedicated and effective workforce. Baptist Hospital held Employee Forums, implemented nurse rounding and senior management rounding, as well as established report cards and 90-day plans to increase management accountability. In the area of rewards and recognition, more than 30,000 hand-written thank you notes have been sent to staff to acknowledge outstanding acts of service and operational excellence. Implementing Studer principles and tools, coupled with the dedication of Baptist Hospital leaders and staff engagement, have led to the following successes:


  • By the close of 2007, patient satisfaction at Baptist Hospital had reached the 92nd percentile overall in the nation, as measured by Press Ganey, Inc, with inpatient & surgery in the top five percent of hospitals in the nation. Results for 2007, in percentiles, are:

Patient Satisfaction















Outpatient Surgery:





Outpatient Services:





  • The adult emergency department at Baptist Hospital, the second busiest in South Florida with over 70,000 visits a year, achieved some of the highest patient satisfaction scores in more than two years by implementing hourly rounding and key words at key times. The center also increased efficiency, adding additional physician FTEs so that wait times could be reduced as much as 40 percent. As patient wait times were being reduced, so were the number of patients leaving without being seen or against medical advice, which were down nearly 60 percent by the close of fiscal year 2007. It is estimated that the return on investment for added patient revenue gained by these service improvements was more than $1M in 2007.
  • This year, Baptist Hospital was ranked among the highest in the nation by its medical staff with an overall satisfaction score in the 94th percentile, as measured by the national independent research company Data Management Research (DMR).
  • By employing a hospitalist group and setting clear performance goals for these physicians based on the Studer service model, Baptist Hospital was able to raise patient satisfaction with hospitalists to the top five percent in the nation.


  • Performance on the National Quality Measures improved significantly with preliminary data showing that 88 percent of the 28 measures had reached the top 10th percentile by the close of 2007. Quarterly results, as publicly reported by The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), show that 70 percent of all measures at Baptist Hospital were in the top tenth percentile for April-June 2007, as compared to January-December 2006 when 45 percent were in the top 10th percentile.
  • The hospital's heart attack unit continues to save lives and heart muscle by maintaining a percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) for heart attack patients that is well below the benchmark standard of 90 minutes and the Miami-Dade County average of 58 minutes. In January 2008, the hospital averaged 48 minutes from the patient's arrival in the ER to opening the patient's blocked vessel in the Cath Lab.
  • Baptist Hospital was the only hospital in Florida to be visited by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) during what is being referred to as the "Fall Harvest," when the IHI visited the nation's top performing hospitals to target best practices to share nationwide. Baptist Hospital's success in preventing surgical site infections was the reason that the hospital was designated a national show site by the IHI.
  • The hospital reduced the incidence of ventilator acquired pneumonia (VAP), and by the close of 2007, the hospital had gone seven months with no incidence of VAP. The implementation of hourly rounding result in significant reductions in the incidence of decubitus ulcers and patient falls with injury.
  • Baptist Hospital was the only Miami hospital selected for a national Consumer Choice Award for having the best overall quality and image. Winners were listed in Modern Healthcare magazine in Fall 2007.
  • Baptist Hospital was recognized by Health Grades as one of America's 50 best hospitals based on its annual study of hospital quality. Other Health Grades awards for Baptist Hospital in 2007 include: Distinguished Hospital Award for Clinical Excellence, General Surgery Excellence Award, Maternity Care Excellence Award, Pulmonary Care Excellence Award, Stroke Care Excellence Award, Vascular Care Excellence Award and Women's Health Excellence Award.


  • The hospital operated significantly better than budget throughout 2007.
  • The hospital's length of stay (LOS) was reduced 4.5 percent in FY 07 and 6.3 percent from FY 06, which opened up an additional 40 beds. The positive financial impact of this LOS reduction is estimated at $2 million.
  • By reducing the number of patients in the emergency center that left without being seen, the hospital achieved an additional $1 million in patient revenue.


  • Nursing satisfaction, as measured in the annual survey performed by the National Database for Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI), showed that the practice environment as evaluated by our nurses is higher on every indicator than the national average of all other hospitals in the peer group.
  • Baptist Health was listed as a top employer on the FORTUNE "100 Best Companies to Work For" list published in the February issue of Fortune Magazine. Baptist, which ranked 94th, is the only Florida-based healthcare organization to be recognized as a great employer.
  • Through thank you notes, increased rounding and leadership development, Baptist Hospital was able to reduce employee turnover as well as the employee vacancy and nursing vacancy rates in 2007.


  • The construction of the new Emergency Center and bed tower progressed on schedule and is expected to open by the end of 2008. When it opens, the Baptist Hospital Emergency Center will be the largest, in terms of square footage, in the state.

Baptist Hospital is an affiliate of Baptist Health South Florida, the region's largest faith-based, not-for-profit healthcare organization. It also includes Baptist Children's Hospital, South Miami Hospital, Doctors Hospital, Homestead Hospital, Mariners Hospital, Baptist Cardiac & Vascular Institute and Baptist Outpatient Services. The 577-bed hospital has 4,300 employees, 1,400 physicians and 800 volunteers who care for more than 33,000 admitted patients each year.

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