Arnprior Regional Health

  • Location: Arnprior, Canada
  • Award: International Healthcare Organization of the Quarter
  • Awarded: January 2014

Arnprior Regional Health (ARH) is proud to be recipient of the Studer Group® International Healthcare Organization of the Quarter Award. The passion and dedication of our physicians, staff and health care professionals have allowed us to provide optimal care to the people we serve and achieve clinical, service and operational excellence.

Arnprior Successes: Patient and Resident Feedback

At Arnprior Regional Health we believe in doing the right thing, at the right time, in the right way, for the right person, and achieving the best possible results. We don’t just want to give great care - we want to give excellent care and we know we are on the right path by what our patients are saying about us. Using tools such as nurse leader rounding and post discharge phone calls helped to ease patient anxiety and prevent readmission to hospital.  In June 2011, ARH started to perform post discharge phone calls on patients discharged from our inpatient unit.  Today, more than 80 percent of the patients discharged each month are contacted. We introduced this tactic with an aim of reducing our readmission rates. We know that if a patient has a follow up doctor’s appointment, have their prescriptions filled, know the signs and conditions that would suggest a visit to their family doctor or the emergency department, we could then reduce readmission.

In 2012-2013 we began to see very positive changes. Our overall rating of excellence on the inpatient floor was going up and our readmission rates were going down.

In addition, we also saw the number of compliments from patients increase from 1 per annum, to a forecast this year of more than 50.

ARH is about people.

We have some of the very best physicians and staff to care for our patients and residents. We strive for low staff turnover and high staff satisfaction rates. If staff members are engaged and happy then they have no reason to seek work elsewhere, and we know this will lead to improved effectiveness of our operations. As one example, research from the Veterans Hospital Association in the United States demonstrated that low staff turnover resulted in a shorter length of stay for patients.

With a turnover rate of our full and part time staff at 9 percent, we set a modest goal of a 7 percent turnover rate in the fiscal year 2012/13. Through a variety of organizational efforts, with the help of our Studer Group coach and successful Leadership Excellence Institute’s, we began to implement tactics which are proven to increase employee engagement. This included rounding for outcomes, thank you cards, and communication boards posted in each department. 

We are very proud to see the turnover rate of regular full and part-time staff at both our hospital and nursing home has exceeded our goal and is now less than 1percent, with an associated decrease in length of stay by just under 10 percent.

Healthcare literature demonstrates that engaged employees do a better job and provide better care to patients and residents.  The higher the staff engagement the less likely staff are to work around safety protocols.  Through numerous tactics such as rounding for outcomes, yearly staff engagement surveys and the use of the Stop Light Reports, Arnprior Regional Health has steadily increased staff engagement. In the last three years, ARH has seen the positive response of staff engagement rise from 63 percent to 73 percent.

It’s Not Just About the Hospital

ARH is one of many small hospitals with integrated programs across the continuum of care including acute, long term care and community based services. Our long term care facility is the Grove Nursing Home; many of the tactics to drive employee satisfaction and achieve patient ratings of excellence have also been implemented at this facility. 

In 2012 one of our quality improvement initiatives was focused upon reducing the number of medications per residents. Working with an interdisciplinary team, we successfully reduced the number of medications per resident to less than 11 from a high of 12.5.   At the same time, by using a resident rounding approach, we were able to reduce falls at the Grove.

About Arnprior Regional Health (ARH)

Located only 30 minutes from Canada’s Capital, Ottawa, Ontario, ARH has been providing quality health care services for over 58 years. ARH oversees a fully accredited community hospital, nursing home, assisted living services, and medical centre. With a staff of more than 300 and a growing number of medical staff, all supported by 260 volunteers, this progressive 105 bed organization provides exemplary care to over 30,000 residents living in a mix of rural and urban setting.

ARH is becoming a regional leader and ‘hub’ for selected acute, long-term care and other health care services. We are no longer just a hospital and a nursing home – we are much more. We are responding to the needs of our communities, keeping pace with new clinical programs and innovations such as less invasive surgical procedures and use of technology. We are finding new ways of delivering care in the full continuum of our community setting.

We introduced an assisted living program and are more than doubling the adult day program, while expanding our Telemedicine program to virtually link patients to health care providers without the need for travel. By bringing all of these services under the ARH umbrella, we can provide enhanced patient/client/resident care and improve navigation of the health care system.

We are building upon a long history of caring for our communities while at the same time evolving to meet their needs. And we are keeping in touch to understand the needs of our patients and to move forward together. That commitment and caring will never change. At the same time, we are keeping pace with provincial health priorities by building on Ontario’s health plan and addressing the need for more collaborative, system-focused care delivery.

At ARH we are proactively and collaboratively defining our future.

Recognized for Exemplary Care

In addition to earning the Studer Group® International Healthcare Organization of the Quarter Award, ARH also received the Studer Group’s Healthcare Organization of the Month Award (October 2013), the Ontario Hospital Association’s Quality Healthcare Workplace Award (Bronze level), and successfully achieved 2013 Accreditation Canada standing in September 2013. 

We are proud of the work we’ve done in partnership with the Studer Group. We have come a long way and the journey is not over.  Consistency of the tactics we are implementing remains a priority.

We will continue to uphold our mission – achieving excellence through working partnerships, we deliver responsible, quality healthcare each day.

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