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In early civilization fire was essential to life. People used fires to keep warm, cook food, light the way in darkness, and as protection from enemies. Without fire, people would perish. Within each village (or organization), there were people whose primary job was to keep the fire burning. They taught others how to carry on the practice of keeping the flame burning, which allowed villages to prosper and grow.

Studer Group is dedicated to helping Fire Starters find the light again and to sharing the stories of how they are changing the face of health care today. Each month, we recognize a Health Care Organization of the Month that has achieved remarkable results and share their stories through our website so that all can benefit from the successes.

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Fire Starter Hall of Fame

Each year we recognize a Fire Starter that goes above and beyond. This person ignites the flames of passion, guiding and supporting an organization's commitment to excellence and keeping the true spirit of an organization alive and flourishing. Our Hall of Fame Fire Starters are dedicated and compassionate difference makers. Each day, they impact the lives of health care employees, physicians, patients and families.

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Quint Studer Difference Maker Award

The Quint Studer Difference Maker Award celebrates the enduring legacy of Quint Studer, founder of Studer Group, whose vision and passion to make healthcare a better place for everyone continues to inspire excellence in others. The award was created to honor an individual who embodies the extraordinary personal and professional values and passion that make a difference in healthcare.

Quint Studer Difference Maker Award
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Hear Directly from Successful Healthcare Organizations

We like to recognize healthcare organizations that have achieved remarkable results and share their stories so others can benefit from their successes. Hear directly from high-performing healthcare professionals as they share exactly what's working well in their organizations.

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