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Over and over again, rounding has proven to be the best way to collect vital information, reward and recognize, build relationships, and validate key behaviors for safety. It builds engagement by all stakeholders.

When organizations adapt Huron Rounding, we provide a performance expert to ensure the right rounding processes are developed, which maximize the Huron Rounding features and align to the organization's rounding goals and objectives. Our coaching process, when implemented alongside Huron Rounding, accelerates and improves the impact of this Must Have® process.

There's a good chance you've been practicing at least some of the top three types of rounding Studer Group recommends to maximize engagement:

  • Leader Rounding on Staff
  • Nurse Leader Rounding
  • Hourly Rounding®

In fact, you may have been doing so for several years. If so, it's time to validate that leaders and staff are still rounding correctly. It's time to ensure questions being asked and actions taken have evolved with the state of healthcare and the goals of your organization. It's time for information-driven rounding.

MyRounding Features

Thorough information-driven rounding gives you instant access to facility trends and issues identified by your staff, providers, and employees.

MyRounding Screenshots

Product Features

MyRounding Phone Image
  • Download the Huron Rounding product sheet.
  • Flexible Technology: No special equipment needed for MyRounding. Access the application from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone
  • Easy Navigation: Simple navigation menus put structured leadership rounding at your fingertips
  • Completely Customizable: Create custom rounding templates for anyone in your organization, or use pre-loaded templates, for structured data gathering and tracking
  • Structured Rounding: Achieve consistency and standardization across departments, facilities, and systems
  • Instant Reporting: Use the robust reporting tools, dashboards, and charts to view past rounding results and create accountability for follow up
  • Issue Escalation: Assign issue types and priority for fast reporting, accountability, and resolution
  • Easy Administration: Web portal technology gives you 100% control over users, template customization, system hierarchy, detailed reporting, and flexible analytics

Additional Resources

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Get in Touch

It's time to take your rounding to the next level. Save time, customize templates and create accountability. Complete the form to get started today.

Get in Touch

It's time to take your rounding to the next level. Save time, customize templates and create accountability. Complete the form to get started today.


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