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Emergency Departments (EDs) are known as the front-door of the hospital and have the opportunity to make or break a patient's perception of their overall care. Data shows increased overcrowding and reduced capacity create the perfect environment for long wait times, patients leaving without care, and lengthy overall visits. But there is a way to overcome these challenges, and that's where Huron and Studer Group come in. Our specialized (or Intensive) Emergency Department Coaching provides evidence-based best practices and tools that enable ED teams to gain and sustain results.

Through a comprehensive assessment, our Emergency Department Coaches offer a clear set of specific recommendations to improve ED operations, including flow and throughput processes. Aligning with our Evidence-Based Leadership SM model, we'll customize a plan to implement the right tools and tactics, and in the right sequence, that will achieve dramatic results.

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Improving Service Results

Gain tactics that improve patient experience, flow/throughput and safety & quality.

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Partner Success Stories

Learn how Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta was able to achieve a $6.4M boost in revenue.

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  • Decrease Left Without Being Seen Rate
  • Shorter Length of Stay
  • Improve volume and ROI
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