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Health System Partnerships

As healthy systems today are looking to meet the challenges of the external environment and mergers and acquisitions are in every sector of the industry, it's critical that operations are fully aligned to ensure cultural integration and standardization. We find that in order to create consistency across the entire system, leaders at all levels must be held accountable to execute operational and strategic plans. That's why our system-wide coaching approach is aimed at changing individual behaviors and is scaled to achieve this rapidly across the entire system.

Whether your organization owns six hospitals or 200-whether it's for-profit or not-for-profit- Huron and Studer Group's coaching coupled with our Evidence-Based LeadershipSM execution framework provides a reliable infrastructure to deliver the benefits of scale quickly. Watch this short video to see how this approach is customized for your healthcare system:

Partner Success Stories

Watch as Gayle Hansen, COO at Mayo Clinic Health System, Southwest Minnesota Region, shares the steps Mayo is taking to prepare for the future of healthcare.

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Tactics in Action

Meet health system coaching experts, network with peers and see tactics in action at our conferences.

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Complimentary Resources

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  • Interactive Map: View state averages for healthcare performance measures
  • Hardwired Results® Issue 19: What Right Looks Like: Elevating Foundational Tools and Tactics to the Next Level

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