The Right Tactics Get Results. The Right Framework Lets You Keep Them.

Evidence-Based LeadershipSM Coaching

There are plenty of tools and tactics proven to improve clinical quality, patient perception of care and, yes, profitability. Yet no matter how many an organization implements, without the right foundation in place any bursts of improvement will be sporadic and short lived.

That's why Huron and Studer Group help partner organizations install a framework called Evidence-Based LeadershipSM (EBL). This framework aligns organizational goals, behaviors and processes in a way that moves and sustains results. Combined with a set of proven tactics and best practices refined in our National Learning Lab consisting of hundreds of hospitals, EBL empowers our partners to hardwire profitability into every corner of their organization-and, ultimately, to succeed in the pay-for-performance era.

Evidence-Based Leadership Makes a Difference for Our Partners

Our research proves that organizations coached by Studer Group outperform peers across all HCAHPS measures and outpace them in improvements at a speed of nearly fifty percent faster than the nation. They also perform better than the nation in all process of care measures. We invite you to visit our Difference Makers page to see some of the results from high-performing organizations coached by Studer Group.

Bottom line: the EBL framework ensures leaders have the skills to drive improvements in a nimble and consistent manner. It allows organizations to create a system of aligned goals and absolute accountability that ensures people will execute well every time. And as a result, organizations are able to quickly drill down to the tactics that most impact their desired outcomes.

Partner Success Stories

Each month, we recognize a Health Care Organization of the Month that has achieved remarkable results and share their stories through our website so that all can benefit from the successes. View some results that our Evidence-Based Leadership partners have achieved.

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We structure our conferences to offer something for everyone, regardless of your title or role in the organization. Curriculum is built to include the most pressing topics and concerns in the industry and include presentations from healthcare leaders and coaches who work side-by-side to achieve outcomes. To learn about all of our offerings visit studergroup.com/conferences 

Each year more than 1,000 healthcare leaders join us to learn, network and celebrate at our national What's Right in Health Care® conference. Attendees gain specific how-tos from organizations across the country that are achieving and sustaining results. 

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Outcomes-focused. Evidence-based. Passion-driven. Learn how our coaches can help your organization on the path to continual improvement.

Get in Touch

Outcomes-focused. Evidence-based. Passion-driven. Learn how our coaches can help your organization on the path to continual improvement.


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