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Chief Experience Officer Offering

Over the last decade, we've seen a significant rise and need for healthcare organizations to add a CXO to the executive team. It's critically important that this person has the right skillset, goals and support to drive change for the entire health system.

That's why we developed the CXO Advisory Offering and the CXO Development Institute. Created through our extensive experience serving healthcare organizations, this one-of-a-kind offering serves to help organizations identify the right CXO to navigate the changes facing our industry. Just as you are identifying new ways to meet challenges, Studer Group is innovating and growing to offer products to meet your most pressing needs.

The CXO Advisory Offering is for any health system that is trying to determine if they should invest in an executive level position, whether it's a CXO, VP PX and so on. Hiring a CXO is more than writing a job description. We will assess your readiness for this position, provide insight on hiring and ensure this role is set up for success.

The CXO Development Institute is a six-month course designed for any health system looking to advance their CXO (or other title-equivalent to an executive-level position) knowledge and scope of responsibilities. We work to make sure the CXO is aligned and ready to lead the organization's engagement efforts.

CXO Advisory Offering

Is your organization ready for a CXO? Identify your organization's readiness.

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CXO Development Institute

This institute is designed to equip CXOs with the skill set to drive change and results across their organization.

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Tactics in Action

Meet and network with your fellow CXO peers at our interactive learning events.

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