Patient Experience

The patient experience is a key driver of everything from engagement and outcomes to brand reputation and market share. Long wait times, inconsistent delivery of care and a lack of compassion all negatively impact the patient experience, leading to loss of volume and a poor reputation within the community. To own their future and stay ahead of the competition, healthcare organizations must demonstrate a relentless focus on the patient and proactively deliver an extraordinary experience to attract and retain customers for life.


Huron | Studer Group’s healthcare experts work with leaders to create a customized treatment plan based on the organization’s goals. Through interviews, focus groups, brief surveys and analysis of relevant organizational data, we collaborate with leaders to develop new behaviors and practices that transform the patient experience, focusing on key areas of impact such as convenience, accessibility and choice.

Our unique combination of virtual and onsite training helps leaders and frontline employees build the skills needed to implement changes that truly drive improvement. Throughout your transformation, we work right alongside you to validate, sustain and optimize the changes we’ve put in place. We work with many organizations to:

  • Improve performance in HCAHPS, Patient Perception of Care and NPS measures
  • Reduce variation in operational and clinical practices
  • Improve throughput at entry points throughout the organization
  • Leverage technology to enable change, expand access and personalize patient experiences
  • Strengthen brand reputation in social media and other patient survey platforms

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Our Mission

To enable organizations to improve fundamental performance, reinvent their business, generate new growth platforms, and lead their people through transformational change.

Our Vision

To empower our clients, our people, and the communities we serve to own their future.

Our Values

Intellectual Curiosity

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