Federal Healthcare

Federal hospitals and health systems have unique responsibilities from their private sector counterparts such as congressional oversight, procurement restrictions and technology modernization requirements. Federal healthcare entities can experience greater leadership turnover and gaps in employee engagement, which impact both patient and employee satisfaction as well as safety. These inconsistencies can weaken an organization’s ability to provide exceptional patient experiences.


Huron | Studer Group’s healthcare experts provide leadership and cultural transformation coaching that empowers executives, commanders, directors and rising leaders with the skills they need to achieve the organization’s strategic vision. A combination of virtual and on-site training helps leaders build the skills needed to implement changes that elevate results, drive cultural transformation and serve the mission. Throughout your journey, we work alongside you to validate, sustain and optimize the changes we’ve put in place together. We work with many organizations to:

  • Drive world class, highly reliable performance
  • Design and deploy leadership development programs to strengthen the skills of your leaders
  • Create targeted curriculum and skills labs based on an assessment of developmental needs
  • Create action plans to hold leaders accountable and validate outcomes
  • Train leaders, staff and physicians system-wide to achieve strategic priorities
  • Build a culture of safety through increased teamwork and communication
  • Enhance employee and physician engagement
  • Leverage technology to enable change, expand access and personalize patient experiences
  • Strengthen brand reputation through consumer communication and patient survey platforms


Huron │ Studer Group has been privileged to serve federal healthcare entities across the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Department of Defense (DOD), and Indian Health Service (IHS), including tribal and 638 hospitals. Our team has served senior leaders across these organizations and other government offices to improve the care given to active duty, beneficiary, Veteran, and Native American communities.

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