Huron Studer Group Conferences

Leadership and Improvement Conference

Toronto • May 1 - 2, 2019

Our conference faculty have extensive experience working with Canadian and U.S. healthcare organizations and have the specialized knowledge necessary to help you innovate and improve. Regardless of your pain point, our speakers can help you breakthrough to excellence. Join us to speak with our experts, get your questions answered, and leave ready to make positive change in your organization.

*All presenters are subject to change.


  • Lisa Bentley

    Lisa Bentley

    Speaker, Author and 11-Time Ironman Champion

  • Michelle Bright

    Michelle Bright, BA

    Director, Huron

  • Bonnie Cochrane

    Bonnie Cochrane, RN, MSc

    Managing Director, Market Growth Leader, Studer Group Canada

  • Barb Collins

    Barb Collins

    President and CEO, Humber River Hospital, Toronto, CA

  • Craig Deao

    Craig Deao, MHA

    Managing Director, National Speaker, Author

  • Daniela Lockhard

    Daniela Lockhard, BSc

  • Lynne Mahony

    Lynne Mahony, MBA, MFA

  • Carol Manson McLeod

    Carol Manson McLeod, B.Comm, R.N., M.Sc.N, C.E.C

  • David Marshall

    David Marshall

    Managing Director, Huron, Co-Founder, MyRounding

  • Maureen McCafferty

    Maureen McCafferty, MBA, MSW, CHE

  • Mark A. Noon

    Mark A. Noon, USAF (Ret.)

    Author and Speaker, Studer Group

  • Lisa Shiozaki

    Lisa Shiozaki, MPA, HBScN

  • Wayne Sotile

    Wayne Sotile, Ph.D.

  • Stephen Trzeciak

    Stephen Trzeciak, MD, MPH

    Cooper University Hospital, Dept. of Medicine

  • Alida Zamboni

    Alida Zamboni, RN, MS

“Thoughtful approach to coaching and truly dedicated to helping organizations provide excellent patient care.”

Process Improvement Consultant | Toronto 2016

“Tremendous learning opportunity.”

Process Improvement Consultant | Toronto 2016

“Very informative. Will help me cement practices that I have been attempting to incorporate in my daily practice.”

Patient Care Supervisor | Toronto 2016

“This is the second conference I have attend with Studer, and both times I am very impressed with the presenters and their knowledge. Their communication styles draw the attention of each and everyone in the room. I am inspired!”

Vice President of Clinical Services | Toronto 2016

“Thank you very much for rejuvenating my spirit. Before I came I was feeling very discouraged.”

Supervisor of Housekeeping and Laundry | Toronto 2016

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