Huron Studer Group Conferences

The Evidence-Based LeadershipSM Conference

Washington, DC • May 28 - 29, 2019

*All presenters are subject to change.


  • Matthew Bates

    Matthew Bates, MPH

    Managing Director, Senior Leader, Author

  • Rich Bluni

    Rich Bluni, RN

    Senior Leader, Speaker, Author

  • Michelle Bright

    Michelle Bright, BA

    Director, Huron

  • Craig Deao

    Craig Deao, MHA

    Managing Director, Senior Leader, Speaker, Author

  • Anthony Mazzarelli

    Anthony Mazzarelli, MD, JD, MBE

    Co-President, Cooper Univ. Health Care, Dean of Clinical Affairs, Cooper Medical School of Rowan Univ.

  • Colleen McCrory

    Colleen McCrory, MBA, FACHE

  • Kris Ann Piazza

    Kris Ann Piazza

Continuing Education

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