Huron Studer Group Conferences

The Physician Summit

Orlando • February 19 - 20, 2018

Being a physician today means navigating a myriad of challenges, from patient communication to disruptive colleagues to burnout. In order to provide exceptional patient care, it is vital that providers constantly hone their skills - both clinical and operational. Our Physician Summit has been designed to help physicians develop their leadership skillset in order to elevate the level of care patients receive. Learn how to alleviate burnout, engage your team, and improve the patient experience, while networking with other high-performing physicians from around the country.

But that's not all. By attending, you can earn up to 12.25 CE credits at this event. See the CE Credits page for more information.

Who Should Attend

  • Physicians
  • Physician Leaders
  • Medical Group Leaders
  • Chief Medical Officers (CMOs)
  • Hospital and Health System Administrators

Justify Your Trip

Need approval from your boss to register? This template letter can help justify your trip and explain why it is important that you attend. It outlines learning objectives, session details and cost estimates. Customize to make it your own. Then just copy and paste the text into an email, and send it to your supervisor.

Download the Letter

“The focus on health and wellness of providers and practical recognition of the struggles of current healthcare are well stated. The energy of the speakers is inspiring.”

Physician | Orlando 2016

“It was moving, efficient, relevant. I learned and was also inspired. The conference lives what the Studer group teaches. This is one of the best conferences I have ever attended! Thank you.”

Medical Director | Washington, DC 2016

“Not just dry facts. Excellent speakers who made it a fun experience while we almost unknowingly absorbed knowledge. I'm leaving feeling inspired, and if a conference can do that to me I'd recommend it to anyone who will listen to me.”

Physician | Las Vegas 2016

“Thank you for one of the best conferences I have attended. I know my identity as a physician, but I am still working on my identity as a leader. Your teaching does help.”

Medical Director | Las Vegas 2016

“Practical, innovative, exciting, motivating, timely. I will definitely attend again.”

Physician | Dallas 2017

“This has given me a whole new set of skills to help me manage from within my organization.”

Physician | Los Angeles 2017

“I had so many valuable learnings from this conference. It was very impactful and I am filled with hope that I will be able to become a better leader with the tools I have gained from this wonderful conference. Thank you!”

Physician | Orlando 2017

“Above and beyond my expectations. Truly a great experience with innovative thinking.”

Physician | Orlando 2017

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Continuing Education

Jointly Accredited Provider | Interprofessional Continuing Education
*for U.S. attendees only
PX Institute | PXE Approved