Huron Studer Group Conferences

What's Right in Health Care®

Nashville • August 21 - 23, 2018

This conference is different because the majority of sessions (with the exception of keynotes) are presented by high performing leaders of healthcare organizations around the country. In breakout sessions, senior leaders, managers, and frontline staff will share best practices for achieving the results we all want and making a positive difference in the lives of patients. Each organization that presents at the conference was chosen for demonstrated excellence in at least one area across the continuum of care.

Get to know our closing keynote, Marcus Engel, and his charismatic seeing eye dog, Elliott, in their latest eBook, "Five Patient Experience Lessons From My Seeing Eye Dog".


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*All presenters are subject to change.

“I will definitely attend future conferences. Truly inspiring, motivating and full days of learning opportunities.”

2017 What's Right in Health Care® Attendee

“The conference was uplifting and a good reminder to why I chose to work in healthcare - to help others.”

2017 What's Right in Health Care® Attendee

“Studer conferences have always been terrific and you can take so many ideas on how to assist in making improvements”

2017 What's Right in Health Care® Attendee

“Excellent conference. Very happy I was able to attend. Many pages of notes and ideas to implement in my organization. It will be hard to only pick one or two.”

2017 What's Right in Health Care® Attendee

“Best conference experience I've had in my professional career. The tactics and speakers resonate with me personally, professionally, and spiritually. I believe in servant leadership and these tactics have given me a framework and vocabulary to discuss and develop it.”

2017 What's Right in Health Care® Attendee

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