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High Reliability Strategy Workshop

Minneapolis • April 11, 2018

Our experts are excited to work with you to start your journey to high reliability. Huron’s depth and breadth of experience and healthcare solutions have recently been enhanced through the strategic acquisition of Studer Group, Innosight, Safer Healthcare and MyRounding®. Today, as one combined organization, we are equipped to help you align goals, actions and processes to execute quickly and efficiently. The High Reliability Strategy Workshop presenters represent the best and brightest from across the entirety of the Huron organization.

*All presenters are subject to change.


  • Dawn  Allbee

    Dawn Allbee

    Director, Customer Engagement, Center for Transforming Healthcare, The Joint Commission

  • Mark Chassin

    Mark Chassin, MD, FACP, MPP, MPH

    President and CEO, The Joint Commission

  • David Grazman

    David Grazman, PhD, MPP

    Director, Center for Business Development, The Joint Commission

  • Taylor Kennedy

    Taylor Kennedy

    Product Manager, Huron

  • David Marshall

    David Marshall

    Managing Director, Huron, Co-Founder, MyRounding

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