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Frontline Nurse Leader Bootcamp

Las Vegas • October 16 - 17, 2018

The success of initiatives to improve patient safety and the patient experience or increase efficiency are often dependent on frontline nurses executing and sustaining these new, innovative approaches. Amid these changes, hospital frontline nurse leaders must be equipped with the skills to validate clinical bedside behavior, offer developmental feedback and oversee staff development.

We will help you address the challenges you face, so you feel equipped to lead amid change.

The Frontline Nurse Leader Boot Camp is an immersive, two-day event that will highlight the skills you need to elevate the performance of the clinical bedside staff lead. At this interactive boot camp, we're bringing leading-practices to life through hand-on activities including lab time to practice skill validation and coaching of key hospital clinical behaviors including AIDET®, Hourly Rounding® and Bedside Shift ReportSM. We'll also discuss patient communication boards, shift huddles, leading from the middle and mastering competency assessments.

The boot camp promises to promote learning and advance your 'leader as coach' skills equipping you to be a better leader who can empower staff to be better nurses.

Attendees can earn up to 12.75 ANCC CE credits for this event. See the CE Credits Information Page for details.

Bring your CNO or senior nurse executive with you! Click here to learn more about our Nurse Executive Summit and combo pricing for leaders who join you for day one of the Frontline Nurse Leader Bootcamp.

Who Should Attend

Hospital-based nurse leaders, including:

  • New chief nursing officers
  • Frontline nurse leaders
  • Charge nurses
  • Nursing supervisors
  • Clinical educators
  • Nurse managers
  • Directors of nursing

“This is a must-attend event. I attended this event 2016 and I left a different leader. It was engaging and mind-blowing. Simple and practical to implement strategies.”

Chief Executive Officer | Orlando 2016

“I feel inspired to be a better leader. Before the conference, I was contemplating leaving leadership. This conference was what I needed to reignite my passion.”

Nurse Leader | Orlando 2016

“This was the most motivating conference I have attended since my promotion to supervisor! I have become a fire starter at my organization! Thank you tremendously!!”

Registered Nurse | Orlando 2016

“Impactful. Changed my perspective and empowered me to expect and get the best from the staff I lead.”

Nurse Manager | Orlando 2016

“There was a lot of great information that helped me as a new leader. The speakers were top-notch and very knowledgeable about the content.”

Nurse Manager | Orlando 2017

“I learned so many things to take back to my hospital, but the main thing I learned was how to be a better and more impactful leader.”

Registered Nurse | Orlando 2017

“Honestly, the best and most relevant conference I've ever attended.”

Nurse Manager | Nashville 2016

“I loved all the speakers! Each one added to who I will be as a nurse leader from this day forward. Thank you!!”

Nursing Supervisor | Orlando 2016

“The speakers were amazing. Content was great but delivery of information even better. I left feeling smarter, more engaged myself, and INSPIRED!”

Nurse Educator | Las Vegas 2016

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Continuing Education

Jointly Accredited Provider | Interprofessional Continuing Education
*for U.S. attendees only