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Excellence in the Emergency Department

Las Vegas • October 16 - 17, 2018

The role of the Emergency Department (ED) in healthcare is rapidly transforming. As freestanding EDs, urgent care centers and retail clinics grow in popularity amongst consumers, traditional EDs must evolve.

We're bringing innovative strategies for your ED to the forefront, equipping you with the tools to improve quality today and transform your ED for the future.

Excellence in the Emergency Department is a two-day experiential learning opportunity that will equip you to drive transformational change. During this unique event, you'll have the chance to engage in hands-on training, and discuss challenges with pain management, ways to create a more consumer-centric experience, the role of digital in the ED and how to increase efficiency and throughput. Leaders who are implementing innovative solutions for the most pressing problems facing their EDs will also share their success stories.

Attendees can earn up to 11 ACCME & ANCC CE credits for this event. See the CE Credits Information Page for details.

Who Should Attend

  • Emergency Department Professionals Including:
    • Directors and medical directors
    • Physicians and physician assistants
    • Nurses and nurse practitioners
    • Managers
    • Frontline staff

Justify Your Trip

Need approval from your boss to register? This template letter can help justify your trip and explain why it is important that you attend. It outlines learning objectives, session details and cost estimates. Customize to make it your own. Then just copy and paste the text into an email, and send it to your supervisor.

Download the Letter

“In 36 years of being in healthcare, best conference I’ve ever attended.”

ED Manager

“It was a great conference, and I learned so much. I’m excited to go back home and apply what I have learned.”

ER Director

“Tools for every facet of my job as an ED physician AND a director.”

ER Director

“Very informative on current trends in healthcare and how to effectively be a leader for change.”

ER Director

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Continuing Education

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