Leadership Team

  • Mark Hussey

    Mark Hussey

    President and Chief Operating Officer

  • Jim Roth

    Jim Roth

    Chief Executive Officer, Huron

  • George Ellis

    George Ellis

    Managing Director, Healthcare Practice, Huron

  • Jim Gallas

    Jim Gallas

    Healthcare Business Leader

  • Janet Pilcher

    Janet Pilcher, Ph.D.

    Managing Director, Founder of Studer Education

  • Debbie Ritchie

    Debbie Ritchie

    Business Unit Leader and Managing Director

  • Amanda Bonser

    Amanda Bonser

    Managing Director, HRO & Federal

  • Craig Deao

    Craig Deao, MHA

    Managing Director, National Speaker, Author

  • Penelope Elebash

    Penelope Elebash

    Managing Director, Growth Leader

  • Jess Jones

    Jess Jones

    Managing Director, Chief Operating Officer

  • Stephanie Baker

    Stephanie Baker, R.N., MBA, CEN

    Managing Director, Senior Leader Coaching Division

  • Bonnie Cochrane

    Bonnie Cochrane, R.N., M.Sc., CHE

    Managing Director, Huron General Manager, Huron | Studer Group Canada

  • Don Dean

    Don Dean, BSRT

    Managing Director, Senior Adviser

  • Tammy Keeler

    Tammy Keeler

    Managing Director, Market Growth Leader

  • Steve Bachtel

    Steve Bachtel

    Senior Director, Growth Leader

  • Tonia Breckenridge

    Tonia Breckenridge, MBA

    Managing Director, Change Management & Leadership

  • Michael Coppola

    Michael Coppola, FACHE

    Vice President, Market Growth Leader

  • Ryan McPherson

    Ryan McPherson

    Managing Director, Change Management & Leadership

  • Julie O'Shaughnessy

    Julie O'Shaughnessy

    Managing Director, Physician and Ambulatory

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