Comfort Care Rounding in Long-Term Care

Rounding in Action at The Perley and Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre

The Perley and Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre is one of Ontario’s largest and most progressive long-term care homes. The facility includes 139 independent-living apartments and a 12-bed guest house providing respite care. Veterans receive priority access to 250 of the Health Centre’s 450 long-term care beds and the independent living seniors’ apartments.

Falls prevention and pain management are priorities for quality improvement (QI) at the Perley Rideau. Frequent and structured bedside visits were identified as a change idea by the team and align with the Registered Nurses Association (RNAO) Best Practice Guidelines.

The team adapted Studer Group’s concept of Hourly Rounding® and developed Comfort Care Rounding (CCR) geared to the long term care sector. This QI project was guided by the Model for Improvement. The initiative began on three pilot units and was successfully spread and sustained throughout the 450-bed home.

To facilitate the required training for all staff, Perley Rideau Educational Programs (PREP) created a series of training videos for Comfort Care Rounding in long-term care: 

  • Morning Round
  • The Subsequent (Sandwich) Round
  • Rounding in the Evening/Night
  • Rounding on a resident with dementia
  • Rounding with an independent resident
  • Rounding: Not just for PSWs
  • The Rounding Test Scenario

The team at Perley Rideau has granted permission for their training videos to be shared for complimentary viewing.

Videos: Comfort Care Rounding in Long-Term Care



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